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NFL Gameday Week 6

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. Max_123

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  2. EntryLevelDave

    "I Would Do Anything For Love" Slaps. Supporter

    Not much longer, Max.
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  3. Steelers 50
    Browns 3
  4. Also looking at the 506 map I have to suffer through the Eagles getting stomped by the Ravens when I could be watching a good Browns Steelers game. No one in the Philly market wants to watch the Eagles.
  5. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    Dolphins 49
    Jets 2
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  6. DefeatTheLow


    Feeling pretty good about the Seahawks getting a win this week
  7. Victor Eremita

    Not here. Isn't happening. Supporter

    Probably not good to have the guy who assaulted a woman saying this but what do I know
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  8. Big brain me bet on the Browns.
  9. Texas Flood Oct 15, 2020
    (Last edited: Oct 15, 2020)
    Texas Flood

    SERENITY NOW! Prestigious

    Hopefully Drew Lock and Phillip Lindsay play.

    Though a Brett Rypien/Royce Freeman combo would scare any defense away.
  10. Night Channels


    Are the Dolphins going to gift us the safety?
  11. theagentcoma

    yeah good okay

    Philip Rivers throws three picks and Bengals will immediately go three and out on the subsequent drives. Buckner kills Burrow.

    Bengals win
  12. Victor Eremita

    Not here. Isn't happening. Supporter

  13. Victor Eremita

    Not here. Isn't happening. Supporter

    If there’s an incubation period it makes no sense to play a game tomorrow even if everyone else comes back negative today
  14. PeacefulOrca

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    They just don’t give a shit, surprised it took this long for them to say it out loud
  15. GreatBeardRecs

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  16. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious

    So scared of some extra curricular shenanigans in this browns/Steelers game
  17. williek311

    @wearthicksocks Prestigious

    I’m scared that the Browns have to play Sendejo at safety again due to Harrison’s injury last week.
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  18. GreatBeardRecs

    IcedOpethBlind Supporter

    Good morning to all except those who "Titan Up"
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  19. I have watched a LOT of football in my life and Sendejo might be the worst safety I've ever watched.
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  20. Starting mayfield and obj in daily fantasy today. Have a feeling they torch the Steelers secondary
  21. williek311

    @wearthicksocks Prestigious

    He is definitely responsible for probably half of the tds the browns have given up this year.
  22. Is there some animosity between phil simms and boomer? Boomer shits on simms every chance he gets on the pregame show lol
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  23. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Looks like Connor might be good this game...I like that.
  24. GreatBeardRecs

    IcedOpethBlind Supporter

    Howard is working over Clowney, love it
  25. GreatBeardRecs

    IcedOpethBlind Supporter