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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Dec 20, 2018.

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  1. 10 years straight.
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  2. gross

  3. DrAlanGrant

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    Seeing Watson to Hopkins in person was unreal. Hopkins just catches whatever he wants. All aboard that Texans hype train when the eagles end up missing the playoffs
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  4. PeacefulOrca

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    Pats still gonna make the super bowl cause all these teams will shit themselves in the playoffs
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  5. broken22


    If the Eagles get in I definitely think they can make some noise.
  6. broken22


  7. Owlex

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    Wait is that a real reporter? I thought this was just a meme
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  8. marsupial jones

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    Foles is only 30? holy fuck. feel like he's been around for two decades. had no idea he was so young.
  9. marsupial jones

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    all the comments are anti-Wentz too holy shit lol
  10. broken22


    On the radio today they were talking about how they should trade him. If I were Wentz I'd be upset.
  11. marsupial jones

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    I try to see all sides and perspectives, so I can understand the selling points of why some of the fan base would think this. And I’m sure none of this will be a surprise to you or anyone else in here:

    1. Foles won Philly the Super Bowl. Their first Super Bowl. That will forever make people not see clearly and make Foles forever a legend. The statue already shows this for sure..

    2. Theoretically he will always be cheaper than Wentz. If you can save some bucks in the long run on QB, you can devote money elsewhere.

    3. Is Wentz injury prone? That along with a new contract coming up could doom Philly.

    4. Think of all the trade assets you could get for Wentz from a team like Jacksonville, Miami, maybe Oakland, Tampa Bay, Denver.

    It would be nuts if Wentz was a FA this coming offseason or next. Luckily Philly has time to see if he can be what he was last year before the injury.

  12. Stop the madness. Please!!!!
  13. Max_123

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    What the fuck lmao
  14. Max_123

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    That was the craziest play I have ever seen
  15. CobraKidJon

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    this game is so bad that the score app has that the only top performers come from the Oakland Raiders.
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