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NFL Gameday Week 16 [Archived] Football

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Dec 21, 2017.

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  1. Max_123

    Nope. Prestigious

  2. Fucking Dustin

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    Oh nice Kurt Warner is commentating our game
  3. Fucking Dustin

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    Side note how many goddamn NE games has Romo done now?
  4. theagentcoma

    yeah good okay

    please let the season end
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  5. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Lions really gonna finish 10-6 and miss the playoffs because of that Falcons game huh
  6. JRShoenberger

    board game review on Instagram: @jordanplaysblue

    Cmon Pittsburgh, don’t mess this up.
  7. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Give me that AFC South Title. Win this game.

    also, fuck off Tennessee. Lose to the Rams like you're supposed to.
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  8. Blimp City Hero

    Buddy Boy Prestigious


    You know Kizer and Kessler and Hogan and Weeden,
    Manziel and Hoyer and Colt and Andersen
    But who witnessed it all?
    The most famous reindeer of all!

    Rudolph the Sad-Nosed Reindeer
    watched as all the sadness grows.
    And if you ever saw that,
    You would have to say “this blows.”
    All of the other fanhoods
    Used to laugh and point out shame
    They never let poor Rudolph
    Think there was a chance this game

    Then in Twenty-Seventeen,
    Haslam came to say,
    "Rudolph, I’m in a legal fight,
    So rely on Hue’s insight!"

    Then how the fans sought no wins,
    As they yelled on New Years Eve,
    "Rudolph the Sad-Nosed Reindeer;
    Your team’s the worst in historyyyyyyyyy!"
  9. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    that was beautiful Blimp
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  10. enlliac

    The Real Azor Ahai

    Baltimore has to be feeling real good about its playoff chances right now
  11. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Marqise Lee still out, but Hurns back at practice, and Fournette too.
  12. GraveDigger

    Trusted Prestigious

    Just beat the Bucs like you're supposed to and let the Falcons & Saints tear each other apart.
  13. a nice person

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    Jimmy G!!!
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  14. Go Packers ! Clinch it for the Birds early !
  15. GrantCloud

    cool shit Prestigious

    Packers let’s lose so we can draft someone in the first who stinks
  16. ClarettsGreyGoose

    I wish I had changed my user name... Prestigious

    Nope nope nope nope nope. Titans need to win this week then lose to the Jaguars. I cannot mentally prepare myself for the scenario where the Bills and Chargers end up 9-7 and the drought reaches 18 years because of the Nathan Peterman game.
  17. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Titans fucked with what should have been our Super Bowl year in 1999. I am NOTTTTT interested in trying my luck and playing them in the playoffs again.
  18. Playing a division opponent is always fuckin scary in the playoffs.
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  19. ClarettsGreyGoose

    I wish I had changed my user name... Prestigious

    Randall don't you tell me about the Titans ruining the outcome of the 1999 season. They beat my team with a god damn forward pass.
  20. Fucking Dustin

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    It's almost like the Titans are an extremely lucky franchise that gets away with everything instead of actually having a good team
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  21. Fucking Dustin

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    But yeah fuck the Titans
  22. They weren't so lucky against the Rams ! Ahaha.
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  23. Fucking Dustin

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Sometimes justice is served late
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  24. It's funny, me and my dad were watching the red zone, and he said I really hate the fucking Titans. A lot of it had to do with the fact that the Oilers were a big part of his childhood.
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  25. Randall Mentzos Dec 22, 2017
    (Last edited: Dec 23, 2017)
    Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    You cannot match my anger.

    We had the best record in the NFL, 7 Pro Bowlers - the league's best left tackle (Tony Boselli) and a top right tackle as well (Leon Searcy), a top 3 WR (Jimmy Smith), top 3 RB (Fred Taylor), top 5 pass rusher (Tony Brackens), a shutdown corner (Aaron Beasley) and a Swiss Army LB who could blitz and cover (Kevin Hardy).

    In addition to a solid defense (also had Donovin Darius, a John Lynch- type heavy hitting safety) we had a nearly unstoppable offense that ended Dan Marino's career in a 62-7 rout the week before. We were fuckin READY to have a shootout with The Greatest Show On Turf.

    We went 15-3 including the playoffs. We lost to one motherfucking team three motherfucking times.
    Make no mistake. I'm trying to win 50-0 and boot them out of the fucking playoffs week 17.

    And the AFC Championship game was the most fluke shit ever, i just watched it & some other old Jags footage to make sure I'm not biased to think our offense was that good. Our offense was balling out, getting first downs constantly, Taylor and J. Smith combined for almost 200 yards at HALFTIME, and we still were falling behind because of special teams/field position & awfully untimely turnovers.

    We had like 3 special teams turnovers, a pick in the redzone, 2 80 yard bombs called back by penalty in the first half, gave up multiple long punt returns. We forced a fumble at our own 1 yard line, only to give up a safety and then a TD on the safety punt -- that 9 point swing killed our momentum.

    ( I went to that Pro Bowl actually cause my family got stationed (Navy) to Hawaii for 2 years, and remembered being salty that Taylor sat on the bench while Jimmy Smith caught only one pass, because Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison & Edgerrin James were all starters. So I got to hate the Colts AND the Titans the same year, and then they put us in the AFC South together >:-()
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