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  1. uuu

    Eat Jeff Bezos

    There are touchdown only formats he'd be good in!
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  2. Randall Mentzos

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    Like in that game he caught one as a TE and almost caught another one as a TE

    He often runs them in

    P sure he has thrown 1 or 2

    I only EVER see Taysom Hill get used in the red zone too
  3. CarpetElf

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    The solution is just list him at multiple positions like he is in the NFL. QB/TE or even just FLEX.
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  4. uuu

    Eat Jeff Bezos

    Yeah the real issue is he has SOME value as a RB / WR / TE but next to none as a QB. Shocked the NFL even lets them list him at QB.
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  5. Dinosaurs Dish

    keep us there, keep us there


    Ravens over Jets
    Patriots over Bengals
    Buccaneers over Lions
    Packers over Bears
    Chiefs over Broncos
    Eagles over Redskins
    Seahawks over Panthers
    Cardinals over Browns
    Vikings over Chargers
    Bills over Steelers
    Saints over Colts


    Rams over Cowboys
    Titans over Texans
    Dolphins over Giants
    Raiders over Jaguars
    49ers over Falcons

    Overall: 134-80 (0.626)
  6. GreatBeardRecs

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    Titans over Texans

    damn right wtf
  7. Randall Mentzos Dec 21, 2019
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    Randall Mentzos

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    Buccaneers so dumb for allowing that 3rd and 15

    When are modern defenses gonna learn that you can’t call man coverage against a scrambler unless one of your players is in QB spy? Every defender is facing away from the QB. Easiest 15 yard conversion ever.

    You either call zone coverage and put the DE’s in containment, or you call a play with a DB blitz / overload blitz to one side and put a DB or WILL linebacker in the flat on the opposite side to force him to roll out directly into a tackler.

    If you’re gonna call man to man you gotta audible someone into QB spy, preferably someone blitzing if you don’t want to risk leaving a good receiving back or 2nd TE open.

    I don’t know why so many teams call straight up man to man against running QBs on third and long. This isn’t rocket science. I learned this literally from playing @CarpetElf in Madden because he loves fast quarterbacks lol.
  8. Randall Mentzos

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    To clarify - every team should mix up zone and man coverage, you can’t call zone the whole game and expect the OC not to catch on... but on third and 15? The only high percentage “threat” against third and 15 is the QB running while no one is watching him. That would be the FIRST thing I focus on if I get Deshaun into third and long