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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. Max_123

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  2. GreatBeardRecs

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  3. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    coming for Kurt Cousins
  4. CarpetElf

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    let's see who can tank harder.
  5. spiffa0


    eh go steelers. or not. who cares
  6. GreatBeardRecs

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    Go Steelers
  7. CarpetElf

    cheesecake is better than pie Prestigious

    Go Browns
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  8. Randall Mentzos

    Fred's still my favorite

    it's always go Jags, but I also wouldn't mind picking high enough for Jonah Williams haha

    We'll just see what happens
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  9. Max_123

    Nope. Prestigious

    KC over LAC (really want a LAC victory though)
    HOU over NYJ
    DEN over CLE
    ATL over AZ
    BUF over DET
    GB over CHI
    CIN over OAK
    IND over DAL
    MIA over MIN
    TEN over NYG
    JAX over WAS
    BAL over TB
    SEA over SF
    NE over PIT
    LAR over PHI
    NO over CAR
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  10. Owlex

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    Uh... go tampa?
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  11. Fucking Dustin

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    Last week was first loss in a while boo

    Homer: HOU over NYJ
    Lock: TEN over NYG
    Upset: OAK over CIN (they just feel like the kind of team Jon Gruden beats)
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  12. spiffa0


    you mean a bad team like the Steelers?
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  13. Blimp City Hero

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    LAC at KC
    at NYJ
    CLE at DEN
    GB at CHI
    at BUF
    TB at BAL
    ARI at ATL
    at CIN
    TEN at NYG
    MIA at MIN
    WAS at JAX
    at IND
    SEA at SF
    NE at PIT
    PHI at LAR
    at CAR

  14. Joe4th

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  15. Texas Flood

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  16. GrantCloud


    Wish the pack would
  17. Full Effect Ed

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    Welcome back number 29, Eric Berry!
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  18. dotKev

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    Week 15 pix. I need a rebound week here guys.

    Thursday Night:
    LAC @ KC - As much as I love the Chargers this year, this isn't a good matchup.

    HOU @ NYJ - Darnold showed me something last week. Let's see how he carries it to another week.
    CLE @ DEN - The Browns will show up on both sides of the football.

    ARI @ ATL - I'll give the atrocious Falcons their day.
    DET @ BUF - Still like BUF here.
    GB @ CHI - I was down on the Bears last week. I was wrong.
    OAK @ CIN - I feel like this is a game Jon Gruden wins.
    DAL @ IND - The Cowboys have turned it on.
    MIA @ MIN - I think the Vikings have been exposed.
    TEN @ NYG - Giants find a way to win at home.
    WSH @ JAX - Jags *should* beat a defeated Washington team.
    TB @ BAL - I give the Bucs the upset win.
    SEA @ SF - Seattle is hot.
    NE @ PIT - Betting against the Steelers the rest of the season.
    PHI @ LAR - Nick Foles won't be able to replicate the same late-season magic.

    Monday Night:
    NO @ CAR - Cam will have a better game than last week in Cleveland. The defense can't say the same.
  19. Officially in draft szn mode.

    Go Rams!!
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  20. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    Go Dolphins
    Go Cows
    Go Bucs
    Go Giants
  21. GreatBeardRecs

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  22. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    of course

    fuck the Jets
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  23. Max_123

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  24. Max_123

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    But yeah I still want Houston to win lmao
  25. dotKev

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    Doesn't look like Gordon is playing tonight
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