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  1. Dinosaurs Dish

    keep us there, keep us there

    100% agreed with all of that.
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  2. EntryLevelDave

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    No chance I’m reading all that so fine Russ MVP
  3. preppyak

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    See, Id have it the other way around in that theory...nothing Wilson is doing is interesting from an "offensive playr of the year" side of things...not when a QB is crushing records, a WR might crush all records, and a RB might lead the league in rushing + be top 10 in receiving.

    But you can make the case that Seattle, without an elite QB, would be like 2-8 at best. The defense is so bad that Andy Dalton put up 400+ on them. They've won 7 of their 8 games by a combined 24pts...and most of those are late Russell Wilson drives. Whereas Baltimore has a good enough defense and running game that Flacco probably takes them to 7-9 as usual.
  4. Randall Mentzos

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    This pretty much exactly extends my argument the way I would have, I completely agree.
  5. EntryLevelDave

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    Baltimore has a good running game because of Lamar. How are you gonna use "the ravens are good at a thing that lamar leads them in" as a reason why lamar can't be mvp lol
  6. Dinosaurs Dish

    keep us there, keep us there

    I think it boils down to Wilson has less support on both sides of the ball and coaching than Lamar does, as well as (in my opinion) playing slightly better anyways, why people are leaning to Wilson getting “our” vote.
  7. Owlex

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    Wouldn’t shock me if they just give it to whoever’s team has the best record. Both are going to end with MVP worthy numbers that are gonna like apples and oranges.
  8. Owlex

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    Leaving this here I guess lol

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  9. preppyak

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    Oh, for sure. But where Mark Ingram is right now is on par with what Gus Edwards did last year in his 11 games. They still got ~1500yds from their RBs last year combined...while still being the #2 rushing team overall despite Flacco playing 9 games. Basically, they were probably a top 10-12 rushing team last year without Lamar.

    What makes him OPOY for sure, and reasonably argued as an MVP, is that they went from 4.5ypc last year to 5.7ypc this year, which puts them laughably ahead of every other team, with only CMC (himself having an insane year) coming close.

    I think you can use the same argument for Wilson, btw. He makes that running game better, but also, that is his security blanket since they basically never abandon the run. They only have one game all season where they were <25 carries; while there are some teams who probably have multiple games <10.
  10. Dinosaurs Dish

    keep us there, keep us there


    Cowboys over Lions
    Colts over Jaguars
    Bills over Dolphins
    Vikings over Broncos
    Saints over Buccaneers
    Jets over Redskins
    Ravens over Texans
    49ers over Cardinals
    Raiders over Bengals
    Patriots over Eagles
    Rams over Bears
    Chiefs over Chargers


    Steelers over Browns
    Panthers over Falcons

    Overall: 94-58 (0.618)
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    That peloton commercial.
  12. marsupial jones

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    Domo, quit living in the past man
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  13. Drew Beringer

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    Browns gonna finish 10-6
  14. EntryLevelDave

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