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  1. DooDooBird


    I hated Lamar in college and thought he was a fluky product of bad defensive opponents. I was wrong. He’s good. MVP.
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  2. Max_123

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    Agree with all of this, I just don't see the writers picking a RB and it's dumb
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  3. CarpetElf

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    I love Wilson and Lamar so I'm cool with either but man the storyline of Lamar winning MVP in his first full season lol.
  4. Fucking Dustin

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    Yeah it'd be crazy, first to do it since last year
  5. CarpetElf

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    I meant for the dummies that said Lamar wasn't even a QB. At least the dummies who hated Mahomes said he wasn't a good QB! Lamar wasnt even awarded the privilege of being bad at his own position!
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  6. Fucking Dustin

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    That's true hahaha
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  7. Owlex

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    CMC gets a gold star for being a RB in the MVP conversation. That’s cool, it’s fun to entertain. He is that offense and he’s obviously extremely good. But that’s about it unless he can get the panthers in the playoffs and/or break the record for scrimmage yards
  8. GrantCloud

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    booger, is that you??
  9. DooDooBird


    You would think Josh Gordon was league MVP listening to him last night.
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  10. GraveDigger

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    Yeah, I don't think McCaffrey has a chance unless Carolina makes the playoffs and he has another 3-4 games like he did against Jacksonville. It kind of sucks because I could see this team going 10-6 and still missing because Minnesota, Seattle or San Francisco are probably going to finish higher. They need to win at least one of the games against New Orleans and beat Seattle at home tot have a shot.
  11. chcougar1


    Does anyone else find it odd they are debating the OT coin toss call? I heard heads and no one in here brought it up at the time?
  12. DooDooBird


    I find it odd they let Geno Smith, of all people, be the one to call it.
  13. marsupial jones

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    my brain is mush. I couldn’t even think of who won mvp last year. Had to read elf’s post to remember.
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  14. JRShoenberger

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    I think I had Pittsburgh splitting with Cleveland this year. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost tonight.

    edit: wrong thread.
  15. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Raiders over Chargers
    Ravens over Bengals
    Packers over Panthers
    Seahawks over 49ers


    Cowboys over Vikings
    Lions over Bears
    Bills over Browns
    Chiefs over Titans
    Saints over Falcons
    Giants over Jets
    Cardinals over Buccaneers
    Colts over Dolphins
    Rams over Steelers

    Overall: 82-56 (0.594)