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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Max_123

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  3. Fucking Dustin

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  4. xbrokendownx

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    gonna get dummied by Godgers
  5. dotKev

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    Week 10 pickz - ps I'm on fire lately:

    Thursday Night:
    CAR @ PIT - Hot matchup, but I think Carolina is the more complete team right now.

    DET @ CHI - Lions haven't looked good in awhile.
    NO @ CIN - Saints keep rolling.
    ATL @ CLE - Atlanta's offense is too good for a banged up CLE defense.
    NE @ TEN - Still don't love the Titans.
    JAX @ IND - Andrew Luck has been great; Marlon Mack coming around.
    ARI @ KC - Ouch.
    BUF @ NYJ - Josh McCown is back.
    WSH @ TB - On paper, Washington is better. But ...
    LAC @ OAK - lol.
    MIA @ GB - How are the Packers only one win better than the Browns? Weird.
    SEA @ LAR - Tough loss last week, but Rams bounce back against a good Seattle team.
    DAL @ PHI - Dallas is ugly.

    Monday Night:
    NYG @ SF - Mullens mania.
  6. stars143


    Thursday Night:
    CAR @ PIT - Keep Pounding! Isn't that like the worst catch phrase for a team?

    DET @ CHI
    NO @ CIN - plz be an upset
    ATL @ CLE
    NE @ TEN
    JAX @ IND
    ARI @ KC
    BUF @ NYJ
    WSH @ TB
    LAC @ OAK
    MIA @ GB
    SEA @ LAR
    DAL @ PHI

    Monday Night:
    NYG @ SF
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  7. Blimp City Hero

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    CAR at PIT
    at CIN
    ATL at CLE
    DET at CHI
    ARI at KC
    at TEN
    WAS at TB
    BUF at NYJ
    JAX at IND
    at OAK
    SEA at LAR
    MIA at GB
    DAL at PHI
    NYG at SF
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  8. Max_123

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    PIT over CAR
    CHI over DET
    NO over CIN
    ATL over CLE
    NE over TEN
    IND over JAX
    KC over AZ
    NYJ over BUF
    WAS over TB
    LAC over OAK
    GB over MIA
    LAR over SEA
    PHI over DAL
    SF over NYG
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  9. Owlex

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    Tomorrow’s gonna be a fun one
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  10. broken22


    My upset special is Tamapa over the Washington Bonercats.
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  11. spiffa0


    James Conner - 34
    Carolina Panthers - 23
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  12. stars143


    Lol. Carolina has the #6 run defense. I think he'll be kept to less than 100 yards.

    Pitt - 28
    Car - 38
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  13. Fucking Dustin

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    Pittsburgh - 26 (nice)
    Carolina - 24
  14. broken22


    I think the Steelers will be able to control the clock
  15. Fucking Dustin

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    Pick since my team is on bye - PIT over CAR in a very close game
    Lock - KC over ARI
    Upset - SEA over LAR
  16. spiffa0


    Steelers have the best oline in the game right now. In the two games the Panthers lost, they gave up 170 and 132 rushing yards. James Conner breaks 100, Steelers win.

    Big Ben is undefeated in Thursday night home games (I think that's true).

    I am worried that they will not be able to keep Cam in the pocket and the thought of linebackers covering McCaffrey makes me cry.
  17. disambigujason

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    Idk maybe I’m just high on the win streak or underrated the panthers but I feel pretty confident Pitt wins. Maybe not by much, but I think they’ll control the game.
  18. spiffa0


    I'm trying to be positive instead of doom and gloom. I used to get really into the games and get so angry when they lost but at the end of the day it's not that important.
  19. Joe4th

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  20. Blimp City Hero

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    So... you tried so hard and got so far... but, in the end, it doesn't even matter?
  21. Thursday night games are the worst. I hope we don’t suck tonight.
  22. spiffa0


    Steelers looking bad
  23. PeacefulOrca

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    Steelers d back to stinking
  24. spiffa0


    Juju my love
  25. PeacefulOrca

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    Schuster :heart:
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