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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Drew Beringer

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    Lol fuck nick bosa

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  2. Brent

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    I hope that guys still alive and was able to enjoy the win.
  3. Ferrari333SP

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    Oh dang, didn't know the young girl who sand with J-Lo last night was actually her daughter, haha. Awesome
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  4. Drew Beringer

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    Jimmy G stinks
  5. Max_123

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    What the hell when did Suggs get on the Chiefs lol
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  6. Victor Eremita

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    They definitely should have run the ball considering they were averaging 6 yards per carry.
  7. Drew Beringer

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  8. Fucking Dustin

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    They lost for both reasons, they didn't control the clock and they didn't convert drives. You can often convert drives into first downs without running for sure, you can also convert drives with misdirections like the 49ers did all of the first 3 quarters with Deebo/Mostert/Coleman etc. "Run the ball" doesn't always mean "run the ball up the middle and pray" and that's where everyone gets so stuck.
  9. Fucking Dustin

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    Someone should tell that to BOB too for that matter
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  10. marsupial jones

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    Bryan Cranston commercial was great and the highlight of the night, really disappointed to read through this thread and see no mention of it. do better you guys.
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  11. Fucking Dustin

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    But I'll say I also agree that if you have a better QB than Jimmy G you don't have to rely on having to do that

    So really there's just a lot of factors, it's fine everyone can be at fault
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  12. Victor Eremita

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    Why does this assume you run the ball twice and give it back to Mahomes? That’s a stupid assumption, the 49ers have the best running plays in the league and were running the ball well. They needed 5 yards in two runs.
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  13. Drew Beringer

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    Sure but that was a perfect play call by Shanahan and if they had an average QB that’s a huge play
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  14. Fucking Dustin

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    It's just moreso how Shanahan handled like 3 straight drives rather than a 1 play situation IMO
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  15. Victor Eremita

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    Tom Brady to the 49ers
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  16. domotime2

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    I'd like to announce I was the only one at my party of 30yos that knew who Bad Bunny was
  17. EntryLevelDave

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  18. Brent

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    He wasn't a FA like he is now though.
  19. Randall Mentzos

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    This was a great take to put the Superbowl to bed and something I've been starting to deeply understand. You're not gonna be a good running team if you're always vanilla about it.

    Misdirection can sometimes discourage a downhill rushing attack if you overdo it - some of those plays take too long to develop to call more than once in awhile.

    BUT, at the same time it is so fucking crucial. Especially when you need an obvious conversion and the defense is expecting a run. You've got to mix it up enough to catch them off guard in the 4th quarter or OT, even after they've seen all your previously called running plays / tendencies.
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