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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. a nice person

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    also, Packers-chiefs was SB1 right?
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  2. spreadthehummus2321

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    that crappy defense did limit green bay to 7 points in the second half. seemed like they made good adjustments/got less tired as wilson heated up.
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  3. GraveDigger

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    Packers-Chiefs would be cool from a historic perspective. Rematch of the first Super Bowl in NFL 100 and all that
  4. spreadthehummus2321

    wanna go for a ride

    like dont fucking lie guys u would all be bashing pete even more if he went for it on that 4th down and failed.
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  5. marsupial jones

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    league is rigged if this shit happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sort of.
  6. a nice person

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    Just realized I have to suffer through another “Aaron Rodgers wants revenge against the team that passed him up for Alex Smith” narrative this week.
  7. marsupial jones

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    Can’t give up 9/13 on third down. Just can’t. Fitting that Seattle’s season ended because of two major third down conversions.

    season was crazy better than I thought it would be. Thought 5-11 at worst, 8-8 at best so getting to the divisional round was shocking.

    game of attrition though and losing 45 running backs the last 3 weeks of the season didn’t help. Seattle was basically running on Russell magic and fumes the last few weeks. Goddamn are they a scrappy bunch. Frustrating as fuck but I love em.

    Metcalf was great and I think he can be a superstar. Great first year, did so much more than I thought.

    3 penalties for Clowney tonight huh? Time is a flat circle. He’s so good on one down and then frustrating as fuck the very next. All year long. He’s a FA now right? I feel like we’re about to overpay him a shitload.

    Lots of young pieces on the team but the focus needs to be - surprise, surprise - defensive backs and offensive line. Just like every year for the last 5+ years.
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  8. ChiliTacos

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    bucks in 6

    Z gets it

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  9. Drew Beringer

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    ‪Packers are beating all their demons this postseason - 2014 Seahawks now the 2012-2013 49ers let’s go‬
  10. uuu

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    Chiefs would shit stomp these Packers.
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  11. Victor Eremita

    Not here. Isn't happening.

    I couldn’t watch a chiefs packers super bowl because the State Farm commercials would make me throw up
  12. broken22


    I hope Derrick Henry takes a big shit on Kansas City next week, with the way the Tyreek Hill situation was handled the Chiefs deserve nothing.
  13. chcougar1


    yeah unfortunately i think the chiefs offense is too much.
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  14. CarpetElf

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    I didn't even think of that
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  15. a nice person

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    That was everyone’s take before the Ravens game too. Now I’m not so sure. Titans can limit the total number of times Mahomes gets the ball. Chiefs defense is not to be trusted.
  16. broken22


    See I was thinking the same thing, but the Titans have an equalizer. I think the Chiefs win, but I wouldn't be shocked if they lost.
  17. Full Effect Ed

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    The difference between KC and Baltimore is KC knows how to make a comeback whereas Baltimore just accepts defeat and totally collapses
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  18. broken22


    You know I'm still super salty about the Clowney hit on Wentz, if they didn't happen I really think the Eagles could have made a run. I don't know, I'm still upset about that game last week.
  19. Joe4th

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    49ers/Chiefs please
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  20. xbrokendownx

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    protect this man at all costs
  21. Dinosaurs Dish

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    49ers over Vikings
    Chiefs over Texans
    Packers over Seahawks


    Ravens over Titans

    Overall: 168-96 (0.636)