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  1. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Cool, I hope Tyquan is back for this game
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  2. Full Effect Ed

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    Chargers over Patriots (21-14)
    Cowboys over Rams (24-20)
    Saints over Eagles (27-24)*
    Chiefs over Colts (35-28)

    *Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Foles pulled another miracle here
  3. CarpetElf

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    Max under Gase is my favorite Max
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  4. spiffa0


    Chargers over Patriots 27-17
    Rams over Cowboys 33-30
    Saints over Eagles 41-30
    Chiefs over Colts 35-28
  5. CarpetElf

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    Patriots 27 - Chargers 21
    Cowboys 24 - Rams 30
    Saints 35 - Eagles 23
    Chiefs 39 - Colts 38
  6. Fronnyfron

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    ...I think
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  7. Randall Mentzos

    Lost a bet to KJ, the luckiest fantasy player ever

    If the Chargers don’t beat the Patriots imma be bummed

    Preparing myself for the letdown now haha
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  8. spiffa0


    As long as the Pats and Cowboys don't win it all I'm fine with whatever
    Would definitely prefer the Eagles to NOT win it but if it's them or the Pats give me the Eagles all day
  9. xbrokendownx

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    my picks:

  10. Owlex

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    Pats 20 Chargers 16
    Saints 31 Eagles 19
    Colts 34 Chiefs 31
    Cowboys 24 Rams 10
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  11. Texas Flood

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  12. broken22


    Please no.
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  13. Brent

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    Chargers over Pats
    Saints over Eagles
    Chiefs over Colts
    Rams over Cowboys
  14. made some changes to my picks and put some money down

    Pats -4
    Colts +5
    PHI/NO under 52
    DAL/LAR under 49

    So basically expect the opposite of that
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  15. 5Stories


    As a Colts fan I just can't believe we've made it to the Divisional Round after a 1-5 start and a roster everyone had going down 2-14. Nelson and Leonard have just been sensational picks. So proud of these boys whatever happens today but I've got a funny feeling this is possible, especially with the bad weather forecast and how good Mack and our OL have been. Never thought I'd see a Colts team with an OL to be proud of. We've got a few guys in the secondary who have really stepped up despite zero expectations for any of them this year. They'll have to have the game of their life today against Mahomes...
  16. Full Effect Ed

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    Game day.
    Beat the Colts.
  17. marsupial jones

    pending approval

    lots of pressure of the Chiefs, Reid and Mahomes.

    great regular season that faded towards the end of the year (again)
    home playoff game they shouldn't lose (again)
    high flying awesome QB that looks like he can't be stopped (again)

    big ol monkey on that franchise's back.
  18. xbrokendownx

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    Reid is almost unbeatable coming off a bye
  19. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    This, 100%

    Excited to see what happens, but regardless, this has been an awesome season
  20. Dinosaurs Dish


    I feel the same way after being embarrassed by the Titans and sitting at 3-5. Never would have thought the we’d be this far. Awesome season.
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  21. stars143

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    Chargers over Patriots (35-28)
    Rams over Cowboys (28-17)
    Saints over Eagles (48-14)
    Colts over Chiefs (35-24)
  22. Dinosaurs Dish


  23. Brent

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    These late starts make the day just drag on.
  24. marsupial jones

    pending approval

    Honest to god I thought the tarp was a wave of water before starting the video
  25. marsupial jones

    pending approval

    Yep. I’m keeping busy with cleaning and errands and watching random old divisional game highlights.