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NFL Gameday: Conference Championship Round

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. Max_123

    Nope. Prestigious

    stuff & things
  2. EntryLevelDave

    "I Would Do Anything For Love" Slaps. Supporter

    Come on Max....Not one LET'S GO PATS?
  3. Blimp City Hero

    Buddy Boy Prestigious


    Go football during the blizzard this weekend.
  4. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    go Chiefs
    don't care in the other game but would prefer Saints
  5. Fucking Dustin

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I hope Mahomes throws for 700 yards and 8 TDs and the Chiefs still lose

    At this point why not
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  6. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Chiefs/Rams please
  7. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious

    Pats 30 Chiefs 26

    Saints 27 Rams 17
  8. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious

    Go Chiefs

    Geaux Saints
  9. Patriots 27 - Chiefs 24
    Rams 25 - Saints 20

    Road teams bby
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  10. Fucking Dustin

    Prestigious Prestigious

    This is close to my predictions
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  11. Fucking Dustin

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Pats 27 - Chiefs 25
    Rams 30 - Saints 20
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  12. CarpetElf

    point gawd Prestigious

    The MVP loses in the super bowl
    The Saints won the super bowl ten years ago after losing to the same three teams they lost to this year

    Saints over Chiefs.

    It has been decided.
  13. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious

    Yeah but who is gonna win THIS week bud
  14. CarpetElf

    point gawd Prestigious

    Patriots and Rams
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  15. CarpetElf

    point gawd Prestigious

    Brady gets hurt. Etling leads a comeback. I kill Dave.
  16. Max_123

    Nope. Prestigious

    Who cares
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  17. Texas Flood

    SERENITY NOW! Prestigious

    Anyone but KC.
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  18. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

  19. williek311

    @wearthicksocks Prestigious

    I just so happen to be in NOLA this weekend. If anybody knows of a good place or area to watch the game let me know.
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  20. [IMG]
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  21. Dinosaurs Dish

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Go Saints
  22. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Go Saints

    Fuck both AFC teams
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  23. Professor Plumbob

    Trusted Supporter

    I want Pats Saints so bad
  24. Saints Chiefs

    over under set at 80
  25. Fucking Dustin

    Prestigious Prestigious

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Thread Status:
This thread is locked and not open for further replies.