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NFL Gameday Conference Championship Round Football • Page 23

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. disambigujason

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    this team refuses to put together coherent game plans and swears against in game adjustments. Plus, if bell is knocked out of the game, what line of logic says cobi Hamilton becomes the new go-to?
  2. cryates

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    I don't think anyone said they would cruise..
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  3. Victor Eremita

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    Referencing alternative facts implies that there's no basis for picking the Pats so sorry if I called it cruising
  4. Owlex

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    All things considered it's hard to be mad when they got this far. The team made if further than i thought they would, just ran into Brady at home who has owned the Steelers for years. Hopefully Burns and the rest of the young guys on defense can improve a bit into next year.

    Gonna be an interesting game in two weeks tho *writes *go falcons" on an old white t-shirt with sharpie*
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  5. a nice person

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    These playoffs have not been competitive at all. Crossing my fingers that the Super Bowl makes up for it.
  6. domotime2

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    Awesome. I'm totally into this superbowl. Falcons all the way.
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  7. Can't wait to watch Goodell hand Brady that trophy
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  8. 30 of the 53 guys on the Pats weren't on the team two years ago when they won the SB. They always shuffle their roster around and trade some of their best players yet they still win. It's impressive.
  9. Night Channels


    Bill Belichick is the greatest football mind of all time. I hate him, but he has perfected the art of managing a professional football franchise.

    I mean he has an aeronautical engineer coordinating his defense and it works. It always works for them.
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  10. tkamB

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    Rooting for the Falcons but this is the first Super Bowl in a long time where I'll be fine with either team winning.
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  11. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Hope the Pats win, but it would still be cool if the Falcons pull it off
  12. cryates

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  13. chcougar1


    I think Falcons will be favored by like 3 to start.
  14. Texas Flood

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  15. Owlex

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    Sounds about right
  16. DooDooBird


    Anyone thinking the Falcons would be favored is crazy.

    With that said, hope the Falcons get it done.
  17. DooDooBird


    Man, re-watching the highlights of today's game and Julio just played out of his mind. He did everything. Went up in the air to grab a ball and controlled the ball while landing on his back, turned a little slant route or whatever into a 70 yard TD, dragged his feet to stay in bounds beautifully, stiff armed the shit out of some defenders. Impressive. Rest up and dominate the super bowl, please.
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