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Next Season of ‘Arrested Development’ Will Be Structured Like the Originals

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 30, 2017.

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    Will Arnett spoke with Business Insider about the upcoming season of Arrested Development, and confirmed that the series will be structured more like the first three seasons:

    This time around, not only is the whole cast returning (“sadly, Jason Bateman has agreed to do it,” jokes Arnett), but Arnett tells us that the show will be structured in a way that’s similar to the original seasons. That means the cast will be appearing together and sharing more scenes, he hints, as opposed to season 4, which focused on one or two characters per episode.

  2. Kingjohn_654

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  3. mattylikesfilms


    Good. Now I'm excited. Last season was a complete mess and it pains me to admit that but it was.
  4. youwontknow

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  5. Connor

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    Season 4 is underrated. It had some absolutely brilliant parts. Sure some stuff didn't work
  6. honkytonk

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    Happy to hear this. The chemistry between the characters was what made the show for me. I'm all for adding new characters but when each episode of Season 4 introduces x number of characters (most of which seemed out of place or unnecessary) it started to sour the season for me. Can't wait for the new season!