New Story of the Year Coming Within the Next Year

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 20, 2019.

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    Awesomies. I wonder if they’ll stay with Aaron or go back to Feldy again. Aaron did great on the last record. I’d personally like to heard Feldy work with them again though.
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  4. Davjs


    From his work on softening up the last Atreyu album and that interview where he talked about how SOTY going more heavy on their follow up is what led them to be less successful, I'd rather Feldy stay away. I want more "How Can We Go On"s on the new one!
  5. Pumped to hear this. Loved “Wolves.”
  6. Yeah as much as I defend Feldy working with blink-182, I’ll have to side with @Davjs on this one. Aaron did wonders for Wolves and I’d like to see that follow up
  7. AlwaysEvolving21

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    I forgot about that interview
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    Haha yeah, it sucks because Feldy is right about it all, but I just prefer heavier SOTY.
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    Hopefully sooner rather than later!
  10. DaveDalva


    I'm more-than OK with this. Wolves was awesome, but I'd love something heavy from them.
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    That interview made it seem like they weren't on good terms. Plus Feldys down with Phil.
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    LOVE SOTY but I have serious doubts now that Phil's out
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    doubts about what?
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  15. Davjs


    I had super doubts too since his backing vocals are incredible, but seeing them twice since he left I don't have any worries. Adam actually seems to have been practicing, he nailed the backing vocals on The Antidote last week.