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  1. :finnworried:

    I love this one.
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  2. New batch of Star Wars emoji added. Some "secret" ones (like the Rebels cast) are in the usual place.
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  3. Tim

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    Are y'all fancy enough to combine emoji ideas?

    I just have one last emoji request forever.


    If you made a hidden emoji of BP with the worried drop on his head (easy concept, right?), I'd die happy.

    You know, 'cause you don't have any better things to work on for the site.
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  4. You know what makes me really ... worried ... that if I take one request like this I'll be making custom emoji for the rest of my life ... I mean, Tim this makes me feel, hmm, not sure if I can quite come up with the word for it ... if only there was some kind of emoji or something that would really showcase the emotion I'm feeling about this request ...


    Yeah, that'll do it.
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  5. Tim

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  6. Meerkat

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    @Tim Easily the most appropriate use of that Supergirl gif I've ever seen
  7. Dirty Sanchez

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  8. aranea

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  9. Dirty Sanchez

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  10. phaynes1


  11. jorbjorb


    I like the clean look this site is going for.:heart:
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  12. clucky

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    @Jason Tate

    Mentioned this in the suggestions thread but it was the last post on the page so you might've missed it. Can we get MLS crests to go with the EPL ones for the soccer thread? I can get you a set of images if you let me know what size they need to be.
  13. I can try. 72x72, PNG, transparent background. (SVG would be best). If you can find something like that let me know. It may take some time to get to it, but ill definitely try.
  14. Drew Beringer

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    @Jason Tate i need this emoji hehe

    Damn doesn't show up in the embed?
  15. Tim

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    I'm just gonna throw out there that, when/if a Spider-Man mask one eventually comes around, you should put it as :amazingspiderman:, and then modify one to look like Miles' mask and make it :spiderman:.

    That way you can troll "PETER HAS TO BE FIRST" dweebs with the cover of copying current comic titles.

  16. Tim

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  17. Nick

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    they are the worst hashtags ever tbh :heart: the storm emoji tho
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  18. Tim

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  19. Tim

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    Ah, and I totally want to edit this picture to get a non-gif Jubilee emoji OH MY GOODNESS.
  20. Nick

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    I'm scared that if we got a Jubilee or Betsy emoji I would turn into ACA and sign all my posts with one of them.
  21. Garrett L.

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    I love how passionate emoji hunting has become.
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  22. Tim

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    :storm: :panther:
  23. Cameron

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  24. ViTO

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