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    So the rewatch I’m doing with my wife had us starting with season four because we’ve seen the first three seasons a few more times than the later ones. We finished and then went back to season one. There are obviously some things that will stand out as a little weird when you watch it like this, but they really did hit the ground running with these characters.

    That said...damn Winston is definitely the weirdest part for me. I know it took them a while to figure out who he was in filling the void left behind by Coach, but he just comes across as so...mean? Standoffish and too cool for the others. Such a crazy transformation when you start by jumping into the middle of the series and they’ve already perfected his role as “secretly the weirdest one in the room at all times” and then you go back to the beginning and it’s almost impossible imagining this character going on to name his son Danbill and proposing to his fiancée in a cougar costume.
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    I finished my rewatch this week and was bummed to realize that the Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover episodes weren't included on Netflix.
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    It took them ages to get Winston right but when they did he became my favourite character
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    Yeah on my rewatch it's been weird to see coach lite Winston at first but once they figure out how to use him the show is magic
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    The moral of the story is cat people are the best
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    I think the transformation of Winston is kinda funny but also maybe a little problematic
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