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  1. Nyquist

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    I thought the exact same thing last night. I’m glad we got Winston’s greatest prank.
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  2. Satisfying finale. Danbill bit killed me. Also when they're about to fight Russell and Winston's all "Unlucky for you, I'm packin' *brings out his crystal* :crylaugh: AND the bit where he's stretching his hammies! Damn I'm gonna miss Winston. I'm gonna miss this show and all the characters.
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  3. And then when Aly comes in with “why’s your crystal out? omg babe were you fighting??” lmaooooo
  4. SteveLikesMusic

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    “I tore my anus!”

    Loving the finale
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  5. manoverboard365


    That flashforward scene legit had me tearing up.

    Fuck, I'm going to really miss this show.
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  6. ChaseTx

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    "Pantera's box" got a big laugh from me
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  7. Prank Sinatra still at it

  8. that was a perfect finale, the true american scene especially
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  9. manoverboard365


    LMAO the prank king.
  10. irthesteve

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    Really, really great ending
  11. manoverboard365


    I feel like season 6's finale was a perfect series finale, and this short season was a nice epilogue.

    Damn I'm gonna miss this show.
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  12. tdlyon

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    That's exactly how I look at S6 and 7 of Parks & Rec
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  13. stayillogical

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    I didn't really care for anything other than the last episode. This could've just been an extra episode added onto last season for me. Great ending, just didn't need to see all the rest.
  14. Signifire

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    This show makes me laugh out loud harder than almost any other show. Really gonna miss it.
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  15. disambigujason

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    Just watched the last two. Really well done season, miss the show already. Need something new now to fill the 20-somethings-turning-into-adults-together void.
  16. CarpetElf

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    I can't close my ass!
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  18. CarpetElf

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  19. CarpetElf

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    Yo why did they fill the bathtub up on the roof
  20. Signifire

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    Lmfao the Swuit episode always has me dying during Nick and Schmidt’s pitch.

    First 40 seconds or so
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  21. Signifire

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    What's your gauge? Are you a G gauge? Uh, G scale, Gauge one? HO scale? TT scale? Probably not a tabletop girl, right? Do you do it costumed? Or do you just do it leisurely? I deal mostly with the, uh, transitional era, post-Industrial Revolution.
    I collect a lot of open-air coal engines.
    I'm the president of my module group, actually.
    We use horn hook couplers, so I'm kind of one of the best at scenery building.
    Uh, just finished this beautiful sanitation depot, made completely out of balsa.
    I also was the first to implement wire-framed humans so that the people are poseable.
    Station agent is, now he can bend his arm to say hello as the train passes.
    There's one little girl I use I call her Sally.
    I'm also quite good at flocking snow, so I'm very popular around the holidays.
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  22. primavera

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    the scene with the guys getting waxes is insane lmao
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  23. jorbjorb


    I finished season 6 and felt the season could have stopped there. Such a perfect ending. Looking forward for season 7.
  24. jordalsh Prestigious

    i’m deliverin a prototype, DRINKIN A BIGG COFFEEEE
  25. The Lucky Moose

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