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New Found Glory – Forever + Ever x Infinity

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 19, 2020.

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    There’s nothing like pop-punk in the summer. When the sun is shining, and the air is warm, it’s the perfect time of year to drive around with your windows down, blasting some New Found Glory. During a normal summer, a new New Found Glory album could become the soundtrack of a season spent with friends, going on vacation, tailgating for concerts, and family BBQs. Summer 2020 is going to be a much different summer than we’re used to. Fortunately for long time fans of New Found Glory, you have a new album for you to lose yourself in for 48 minutes.

    New Found Glory is back with Forever + Ever x Infinity, their tenth studio album. It’s a record that finds the band going back to their roots of punk, hardcore and post-hardcore instead of continuing to explore the lighter pop elements that frequented 2017’s Makes Me Sick. If this sounds familiar, it’s basically the same thing that happened when they elected to ditch the mellow and softer sounds of 2006’s Coming Home to return to rock/punk with 2009’s Not Without A Fight. If you were a fan of Makes Me Sick and were hoping to see the band continue down this road, you might be disappointed with this release. However, if you’re a fan of NFG albums like Catalyst and Resurrection, you’ll walk away pretty happy with what you hear.

    Right off the bat, the band kicks off Forever + Ever x Infinity with a ton of energy on the opener “Shook By Your Shaved Head.” Guitarist Chad Gilbert starts the track with a guitar riff before the rest of the band jumps in like a rush of adrenaline. Lead singer Jordan Pundik’s voice somehow remains the same after all these years, and even though he’s now 40, he weaves his way through the song with the spirit of a 20-year-old.

    New Found Glory keeps this momentum up with “Greatest of All Time,” a song about the beginning of a romantic relationship that touches on those early fears and the hope that as a couple, you’ll become an incredible team. This idea is driven home with the lyrics “We would make the best team / Better than the ’96 Bulls ever were / Jordan, Rodman, and Pippen / Wouldn’t have known what had hit them.” With the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” taking the world by storm this year, what perfect timing to have lyrics like this.

    Forever + Ever x Infinity is littered with songs like “Greatest of All Time” that will probably leave you with some nostalgic feelings. “Double Chin For The Win” sounds like it could’ve appeared on the soundtrack of an early 2000s rom-com while “Stay Awhile” feels like it was shot out of 2004, when New Found Glory, Simple Plan, and Yellowcard were some of the biggest bands around.

    New Found Glory may remind you of this era in pop-punk on this album, but make no mistake, the band still shows how far they’ve come in that time. On Forever + Ever x Infinity, this is the most confident Gilbert has sounded since he became the sole guitarist of the band in 2013. He absolutely shreds on the hardcore ending of “Nothing to Say” and uses his guitar strings to carry “Like I Ever Existed.” His brightest moment comes on “Himalaya,” which is basically a sequel to “At Least I’m Known For Something” off Catalyst. Not only does he have an extremely catchy riff, but he also jumps in for some screaming vocals at the end. Of course, Gilbert doesn’t do this all himself. The rhythm section of drummer Cyrus Bolooki and bass player Ian Grushka help round out “Himalaya” and every other track, giving the album that signature NFG feel.

    While sonically the band sounds just as good as they always have, some of the lyrics on the album feel like they’re more likely to appear on NFG’s debut album instead of the tenth entry in their discography. There are lyrics here that will make you cringe with how cheesy they are. Take “Same Side Sitters,” where Pundik sings “I’m holding on to you/ Holding onto you / Like Gorilla Glue” or “Birthday Song But Not Really,” where he talks simply about someone making him feel like it’s his birthday every day. The worst perpetrator of bad lyrics though, is “Trophy.” I’ll let the chorus speak for itself: “I ran a race / And came up empty/ Until I met you and now you’re my trophy / I hope I didn’t objectify you / Feel like a winner when I’m standing by you.” Unfortunately, lyrical content like this knocks the new album down a few pegs.

    Songs like these are frustrating, especially when they appear alongside tracks where the band is creative in the songwriting. As a big scary movie fan, I love how the band plays with the concept that falling in love is more terrifying than horror movies on “Scarier Than Jason Vorhees At A Campfire.” There’s also the simple but incredibly catchy “The Way You Deserve.” The track that stands out the most here though is, “Slipping Away,” a song that feels like it would fit right in on Coming Home (Coincidently, this is the first New Found Glory song to be over five minutes long since “Boulders” on Coming Home). This track is one of the best ballads the band has written in years, and it sends the album off on a high note, especially the final minute and half of gang vocals.

    While Forever + Ever x Infinity was originally supposed to be released on May 29, the delay to June 19 couldn’t have worked out better for the band. This is truly a summer record. Had it come out at a different time of the year, I’m not sure I’d be able to overlook some of the corniness of the lyrics. However, the band still sounds so good as a whole, and it’s a reminder of why so many people still love New Found Glory after all these years. Some might say they played it safe on this record by not really trying anything outside the box, but sometimes it’s nice to visit a familiar friend; especially in a time where the world feels so different.


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  2. BradBradley


    I like the album. I think Himalaya perfectly encapsulates it for me: the music is great, but the lyrics are undeniably rough at times. I’ve seen quite a few people rhetorically ask something along the lines of “since when were the lyrics what drove you to NFG?” That may or may not be fair, but I kind of wonder if the band has considered working with a co-writer.
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  3. pbueddi


    Enjoyed the review. I think Slipping Away is case in point as to why I wish they would explore that Coming Home sound again. Maybe on the next album I suppose.
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  4. Listened twice to this album today and it makes me feel like I was injected with 10 shots of espresso. There's so much energy here it's nuts.
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  5. noKings


    Listened once. Wasn't feeling it outside of a couple songs. Maybe I'll come back to it after reading this...
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  6. Matt Metzler Prestigious

    Everything about their songwriting on this record is leagues behind where they were on a record like Catalyst. I don’t see that comparison at all. Really disappointed in this album.
  7. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    I really enjoy all of the previous albums but I can’t get past the lyrics on these songs. Musically I enjoy the songs but the lyrics are really a step back which seems a bit odd considering how far along they are in their career. I hope they keep making records in the future however.
  8. thisisasong


    “Had it come out at a different time of the year, I’m not sure I’d be able to overlook some of thecorniness of the lyrics”

    Lol 3 weeks made that big a difference?
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  9. thisisasong


    The review compares the bad lyrics here to bad lyrics on their debut album, but I don’t see it. The lyrics on their debut self titled album are actually really good, “Boy Crazy” not withstanding however.
  10. thisisasong


    I think what made “Coming Home” so different is that they were all collectively beginning long term relationships, thinking about getting married, having kids, buying a home, etc, basically just in the crossroads of beginning their “adult lives” so to speak.
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  11. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    The lyrics on their first album were not amazing but to me they were better than this and that’s comparing a song written by an 18 year old vs a 40 year old
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  12. Histrionics


    I really want another Coming Home :(
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  13. AbsolutePunk

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    They don't need a co-writer. They need to make Ryan Key a real member and let him help write. They answer literally tours with them.
  14. fredwordsmith

    Regular Supporter



    I just don't get it. Is it an ego thing for Chad to not be the sole riff-maker? I could understand not wanting to invite a weird third party in when you're 20+ years into your career. But this is a guy you've now known for decades AND who already has significant time invested in the band to begin with!
  15. 333 GANG


    Maybe, just maybe, Ryan doesn’t want to be a full time member and would prefer to just tour?
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  16. marchofmarty Jun 22, 2020
    (Last edited: Jun 22, 2020)

    laughing face emoji Prestigious

    Honestly the review is spot on about that though. The whole album leaked in February and as a die-hard NFG fan I listened to it twice and that was enough for me. My biggest gripe with the album being the lyrics. I came back to it in April when the weather was nicer and I was able to ride my bike and go for runs and it really clicked with me.

    It sounds cliche about a lot of pop punk albums but it really is a great warm weather / summer time album.
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  17. Pepetito

    Regular Supporter

    Really liked the album compared to Makes Me Sick, which was completely boring to me. Comes out at a perfect time of year.
    A couple songs the lyrics are kinda meh but that is nothing new and doesn't really bother me.
  18. pbueddi


    I think there are a handful of songs on Make Me Sick that are better than anything on the new album.
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  19. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    If they re-wrote the lyrics to this album I think it'd be an incredibly fun record. I can't get past it.
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  20. gbuffers


    Really great review and perfectly encapsulates the album and my feelings.

    NFG have been my only ‘favourite’ band for 20+ years so I’m always excited for new material. On first listen I thought it was okay, which eventually turned into good after a few listens, but maybe not ‘great’, which is okay. As you have said it’s sometimes nice to have a familiar friend, especially in such uncertain times. I am sure NFG could push the boundaries and create something even more special but this is a very welcome addition to their catalogue and there are some great, energetic songs on here. The soundtrack to a lockdown summer!
  21. Pepetito

    Regular Supporter

    I count 2.
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  22. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    Virtually every song on Makes Me Sick is better than this album.
  23. Pepetito

    Regular Supporter

    Couldn't disagree more.
  24. This band has 3 different types of fans. Fans that prefer their energy and hardcore pop punk sound, fans that prefer their experimental sound, and fans that don’t care what they sound like and will enjoy anything they put out.

    Still better than blink-182 fans, who are the absolute worst and most difficult fanbase to be apart of lol.
  25. fredwordsmith

    Regular Supporter

    This nails it. I am somewhere between 2 and 3, where people who love NWAF and Resurrection baffle me. Are there good songs on those records? Absolutely. But are those "better" records compared to their peak? I don't see how you could think that.

    I am also in the camp of Makes Me Sick is better front to back than almost anything on this record except perhaps the first 4-6 songs, depending on how you feel about Nothing To Say and Himalaya.
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