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New Found Glory – “Shook by Your Shaved Head” • Page 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    I think Resurrection is absolutely horrible and I have a feeling this album will surpass that view for me, which I never thought possible. I'm incredibly disappointed in all of these new songs.
  2. ManchesterOrch8

    Motel. Money. Murder. Madness.

    I have been out on NFG for at least three records. I read the title and thought it was a serious Coming Home type song, maybe about a loved ones fight with cancer. I really thought it would be.

    I got this. And this is bad.
  3. Anthony_Soprano

    King Midas In Reverse

    Except it’s not. It’s just not for you.
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  4. Kuri44


    My hopes were way too high for NWAF. I mean a Mark Hoppus produced NFG album sounds like a dream come true pairing, but overall it was pretty disappointing. Right Where We Left Off, Don’t Let Her Pull You Down, Listen To Your Friends, Such A Mess, Heartless At Best, and Don’t Let This Be The End are the only ones I like. The rest is underwhelming, and the album as whole felt like chore to get through.

    Those 6 songs would’ve made a dope EP
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  5. SpinelessYesBloke

    Co-host of The Wasting Time Podcast

    For me, this is easily their best song since becoming a four-piece.
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  6. Stevie


    Really enjoyed the first two songs, the lyrics hold this one back but on the quality of the three released I’m surprised to hear people say this is there worst album...
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  7. manoverboard679

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it

    I'm shocked they haven't acknowledged the leak at all. I was fully expecting the album to be officially released like the very next day
  8. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    Why is everyone here so shocked by this, I truly don't understand? A very small % of their fans likely know it exists, so why bring attention to it?
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  9. DaveDalva

    Representing the 514

    I don't expect mind-blowing lyrics from NFG and am perfectly fine with that. I went in to the new record expecting catchy, fun songs, and that's exactly what I got.
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  10. StoJa9


    This guy gets it. NFG is about fun and energy and a vibe, not lyrics.
  11. Then why not just sing in Simlish?
  12. thisisasong


    I swear it’s like they let their kids get together to name the album and write the lyrics. I’m a lyrics snob so I place more importance on them than the average person. Thankfully NFG has a huge discography, but I don’t see myself loving this one.
  13. Brent

    Destroy What You Create Prestigious

    Band hasn't had a decent album since 2006.
  14. Anthony_Soprano

    King Midas In Reverse

  15. pbueddi


  16. slimfenix182


    That statement doesn't mention great albums, which they haven't had one of since 2017
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  17. ZeoVGM


    Not Without a Fight was released in 2009, which makes your statement incorrect.
  18. DaveDalva

    Representing the 514

    Sometimes, it's nice to listen to music that you don't have to think too much about, so you can just enjoy the good vibes. I get what you're saying, but this is NFG, and lyrics shouldn't even be a discussion point with them... because yes, their lyrics are pretty simple to say the least. :)
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  19. Have you heard this album? Cause shit about fat rolls over your jeans are not things you can ignore and not think about. It’s distracting as hell. When the bad lyrics actively detract from the song it’s hard to make any “enjoy the good vibes” argument for me.

    I like plenty of songs with bad lyrics and plenty that are just fun. This album ain’t that.
  20. StoJa9


    Jason Tate has spoken. I guess I have to throw this album in the garbage and never listen to it again.
  21. You don't have a physical copy though ... :shrug:
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  22. DaveDalva

    Representing the 514

    I know I won't change your mind on this one, but I respect your opinion. Keep on rockin' and stay safe, dude!
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  23. slimfenix182


    NFG has written too many songs with lyrics I love to excuse the fat rolls and the FaceTime etc etc etc. I hate the "pop punk lyrics can be bad" cop out. These are markedly their worst which shouldn't be a case at this point in a band's career, even if they lost their main lyricist
  24. ManchesterOrch8

    Motel. Money. Murder. Madness.

    Chad wrote one of my favorite ‘meaningful’ NFG songs (When I Die).

    They can and should do better.