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New Found Glory – “Himalaya”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 11, 2020.

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  2. Colby Searcy

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    Probably the heaviest song they've made
  3. thisisasong


    “You’re sweeter than a birthday cake”

    I’ll just reiterate my comment on the last few songs they released: I swear it’s like they had their kids get together to write the lyrics and name the album.
  4. alexbrew

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    The melody/hooks are pretty sweet and has potential to be banger, but lyrically it doesn't match up at all.
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  5. Bayside 182

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    Yeah I was just thinking the same thing. Musically I like the new songs but the lyrics are definitely not what I expected.
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  6. Brent

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    Welp. They said it themselves. It's all downhill from here.
  7. thisisasong



    Here’s Chad trying to defend the lyrics. I’ll let you make up your own minds.
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  8. tomtom94


    I never hated "bitter dinosaur" (except for the fact that the band subsequently spent two albums clearly being extremely bitter about something) but there's another lyric in Selfless that is definitely cringeworthy ("You've never felt emptiness / Like the taste of a flat soda").

    Similarly, I actually don't hate the "birthday cake" line. That's not to say the lyrics are good by any stretch, but I find picking that one out as a particularly glaring example odd, at least.
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  9. thisisasong


    I’m probably gonna get flamed for this but when Steve was kicked out, I feel that really messed with the dynamic of the band. I still think NFG jumped the gun on booting him out even though I know they felt like they had no choice. I have more thoughts on this but don’t want to derail the thread too much.
  10. trevorshmevor

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  11. OpenIntro

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  12. Brent

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    How've you been, Steve?
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  13. thisisasong


    YIKES. I just looked into it and completely retract my statement. Sorry, guys. That was way worse than I thought.
  14. thisisasong


    That was total ignorance on my part. Didn’t realize how bad charges actually got and that he was actually convicted. I lost track of the case at one point and should have checked myself. Forgive me?
  15. fredwordsmith

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    (Raises hand)

    pointless to do so but I’ll take a stab at why you maybe were going that way with this point:

    They HAD to kick STEVE out. No question. Forever. At the same time, you can acknowledge he was a good musician and removing him from the band created a void that still hasn’t been filled.

    Does that mean they need STEVE back? Hell the fuck no.

    Does it acknowledge a reality? Sure.

    No different than Jesse Lacey, really. Amazing musician. Awful human. We threw the art away with his confessions and right-goddamnfully so. Doesn’t take away the reality that for the remaining members of the band, there is a piece missing that has left them a bit less compelling.

    I would love nothing more than for Ryan Key to just be their new guy. He fills every void they’re missing without (HOPEFULLY!) the insane awful baggage of Steve.
  16. thisisasong


    Dude I made a mistake and owned up to it. I am sorry.
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  17. thisisasong


    Man, yall can be seriously ruthless. I admitted my ignorance and apologized.
  18. fredwordsmith

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    Man, I’m as on your side as anyone in this thread? I’m literally trying to make an argument that I think you were attempting to make (one I even agree with!). Just trying to help you dig out.
  19. thisisasong


    Last I knew Steve hadn’t been convicted yet and the case was ongoing. I did a quick google search, read the first article and immediately it was foot-in-mouth. I rushed back here to retract what I said. I absolutely should have read up on the case before posting. Thank you for the reply.
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  20. bobby_runs

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    It's also just good to have the info out there like that. Mainly for others to truly have to acknowledge it.
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  21. fredwordsmith

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    It’s ok. I am glad the Chorus community is as vocal as they are. Sorry you got the hard side of it. Know that it comes from a place of love and respect for people of all kinds. When that doesn’t happen, the people on here are quick to cast off musical heroes. I wish more of the country were this way.

    Back on topic: this song is...fine? It’s fine. It’s like 5 different tempos and sounds like they were searching for one the whole time. Cyrus’s drumming is amazing. But that’s about it.

    After how unbelievably good Vol 3 was, I can’t believe how let down I feel by most of these singles.
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  22. thisisasong


    Agreed. You would not believe how many Brand New fans are out there who still don’t know about Jesse Lacey. Then again maybe you would believe it. I see it often.
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  23. thisisasong


    It’s really shaping up to be their worst album in my opinion. I mean, I have no interest in preordering it if that says anything.
  24. fredwordsmith

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    The idea of Green Day and NFG BOTH releasing two absolute dumpster fires of an album, in the same year, especially with their last albums each being certain favorites of mine (and a lot of us) for different reasons...the mind boggles.
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  25. pbueddi


    I'd take this album over the new Green Day record in a heartbeat.
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