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New Found Glory – “Barbed Wire” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 15, 2018.

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    New Found Glory have released a video for “Barbed Wire.”

    These last couple years have been some of New Found Glory’s best! We released our 9th full length album ‘Makes Me Sick’, toured the world celebrating the 20 Year Anniversary of our band, headlined the Sick Tour across the US, and just closed out the final Warped Tour shows in our home state of Florida.
    We want to thank all you die hard NFG fans and supporters. If you missed out on those final 3 Warped dates, we just put the rest of the limited edition merch we made for those shows on our web store

    Unfortunately for some people we have some bad news. This party isn’t stopping. For every year that goes by, the more we value just how lucky we are to do what we do! There’s so much more fun in the works in the world of New Found Glory!

    This fall we will be completing the Trilogy! We’ll be heading into the studio to record From the Screen To Your Stereo Part 3 where we cover theme songs from movies, some classic and some annoying, and make them our style! If you saw us on the Sick Tour in the spring then you already heard our cover of “Eye Of The Tiger” from Rocky 3. We aren’t going to spoil the rest just yet! But before we go off and start working on that we want to present a video for one of our most loved songs from ‘Makes Me Sick’, “Barbed Wire”! We hope you enjoy!

  2. StoJa9


    ONe of the few songs I like off the album. Catchy guitar hook by Chad.
  3. SmithBerryCrunch

    Trusted Prestigious

    Love this band. Can't wait to see the track list for FTSTYS3.
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  4. pbueddi


    Glad they picked this song for a video. Definitely a gem on the album.
  5. Butinsmallsteps


    Really like the look of the video. Good song though I’m amazed how little I’ve gone back to this album. Listened to it a bunch when it came out but not really since.
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  6. pbueddi


    it's still in a fairly regular rotation for me, especially the first half of the album.
  7. gbuffers


    One of my favourite songs on the album and a fun, cool video. Nice surprise!
  8. I still listen to Makes Me Sick at least once a month. Such a feel good sound. Glad they made this song into a video! Nicely shot too. Colors!
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  9. currytheword


    While not my favorite album from them, this song is a huge standout and the music video is a lot of fun. I love this band. The best pop punk band ever.
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  10. Histrionics


    They should really make another Coming Home
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  11. dorfmac


    Despite being a big fan as a teenager, I haven’t really kept up with them for a while. I know I’m late to the party, but this is the best NFG a song I’ve heard in years and will definitely get me to check out the album.
  12. StoJa9


    They did. It's called Makes Me Sick
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  13. SmithBerryCrunch

    Trusted Prestigious

    This doesn't make any sense.