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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by popdisaster00, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Fans of Fleabag and Catastrophe should check out This Way Up on Hulu.
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    watching Abducted in Plain Sight for the first time and no boomers ever talk to me again
  6. Finally caught up on S3, holy forking shirt balls The Good Place is amazing.
  7. popdisaster00

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    I really didn’t feel strongly about TGP after watching the first season but at some point I’m gonna keep going considering the praise it gets
  8. Zach


    Finished the first season of Carnival Row. Looking forward to season two! That ending took a turn that I wasn’t really anticipating
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    I watched about half of the first season and felt the same way. Never got around to finishing it.
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    You have to finish the first season, that’s the rule for TGP.
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    I myself did finish it, still didn’t feel a huge desire to go forward
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    TGP is okay to me. I’ve seen the first two seasons on Netflix. It is very hit or miss for me
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    *don't judge someone on the tv shows they like (or dislike)*
    *don't judge someone on the tv shows they like (or dislike)*
    *don't judge someone on the tv shows they like (or dislike)*

    This is really hard, but yeah, trying not to do that lol. TGP is one of the few shows that I love each and every second of. I connect with it on such a wholesome, glorious level.
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    I loved the first two seasons but the third one started getting repetitive and/or felt boring. I’m glad they’re wrapping it up this season so it’s not dragged out too long.
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  16. Watched the first season last year and thought it was just fine. Moved onto the second, which I had to finish via live TV, and reeeeally had force myself through it.
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    I couldn’t get through the first season. Just didn’t find myself laughing or caring much about the characters or story, so I felt no reason to keep trying with the later seasons.
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    Just watched Jim Gaffigan's latest Prime standup special and thought it was pretty funny.

    Man, I barely ever use Prime, and it's always so weird to me how much slower it is to load in comparison to Hulu and Netflix. It buffers for a few seconds when starting, and then stays in like 480p for 30 seconds before catching up to HD. Meanwhile, a Netflix show will play in 4K immediately on my network connection
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    love Gaffigan. his latest is probably his best since King Baby imo.

    what are you watching Prime on? i've never had an issue watching it on a Firestick or using the app on Samsung TV's. loads / starts just as fast as Netflix and other apps for me.
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    It's slow to load on my LG TV's app, my Roku Ultra, and my Chromecast. Idk why. I think my Apple TV too but I haven't watched it on there in awhile so can't remember. But Hulu and Netflix are always immediate. I average a 175mbps connection so it should be fast enough. Maybe the servers aren't geographically close enough to New Hampshire? Lol
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    that is very weird. are any other apps slow?

    maybe you're right, maybe it just being in New Hampshire lol although i feel like Amazon would have enough wizardy to have the whole country connected by now.
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    Anyone watch Spy (Netflix) yet?
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    The prime interface is garbage imo
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    It’s the worst. They have so many great hidden gems but they’re almost impossible to find.
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    Yeah it's weird, but everything else seems to stream well. Any random app that I can sign on with my cable provider, HBO Go, YouTube, Google Play Movies, online streams I find that people have uploaded, etc. all load fine. Amazon Is really the only thing that buffers in the beginning and takes a bit to catch up in HD. But once it loads up, it never buffers in the middle of something at least