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  1. Serh Jun 8, 2019
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    If you know your library card's number you can use that and get like five free movies per month at Kanopy
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  2. riotspray


    It's been a while since I messed with it but I went back today and my local library is pretty legit. You can go online and search the entire county and request anything from any library in the city and they will deliver it to the library of your choice. Then you can return it to any library. Also, they've done away with late fees. There's also Hoopla where you can stream movies and TV, listen to music and audiobooks and download e-books.
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  3. Colby Searcy

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    So what happens if you turn something in late?
  4. Oh nice! I'll give it a try
  5. riotspray


    Essentially, nothing.

    Stuff has due dates so if you check something out and don't return it by the time it's due, you just have a hold on your account (meaning you can't check anything else out) until you return it. If you lose something, then you have to buy it before you can check something else out.
  6. Serh

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    Five per month, I meant to say
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  7. riotspray


    I wasn't really sure about Dead To Me after the pilot, but after some of the reveals in episode 2, I'm totally on board.

    Now I'm on episode 4. Probably gonna finish the whole thing tonight and/or tomorrow.
  8. Kiana

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    I need to get over my dislike of librarians and get a library card but I swear they have like Wanted posters of me in the librarian database and if I tried to get one then sirens and laser beams would go off
  9. EASheartsVinyl


    I’m going to need some backstory here.
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  10. Kiana

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    When I was but a youth, my mom rented James and the giant peach for my little sister under my library card. She returned the movie case without the movie in it cause idek. I'd get letters in the mail about my growing late fees and eventually they gave up and I thought I was in the clear. Then like TEN YEARS LATER I dated the librarians son and she looked me up in the system and IT WAS STILL IN THERE. I got lectured. We still have the DVD too. It's scratched up and in my mom's CD portable slot holder thingy that we all used to have in our car visors before the Lord blessed us with smart phones. Sometimes I think about sending the DVD in with an olive branch or something but I was a KID and I refuse to let them win!!!!
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    Hello, Hollywood? I have your next blockbuster.
  12. Kiana

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    Omfg this episode of ER just dated itself immediately. The young girl is listening to AFI and is wearing a black vest and black/purple striped fingerless gloves and doesn't wanna wear the pink outfit her mom got her this is literally me circa 00s. I can officially say that ER's streak of feeling timeless has come to a screeching halt lmao
  13. Kiana

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    Janice from Friends is in this episode of ER :scream:
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  14. EASheartsVinyl


    She shows up in SO much.
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  15. Kiana

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    I found it. There will be a showdown at the library this week.

  16. RyanPm40

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    God, James and the Giant Peach creeped me out so much as a kid. Probably gave me nightmares tbh.
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  17. Kiana

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    Sounds like I did every kid at the public library a favor then!!
  18. coleslawed

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    I’m the same way with every library I’ve registered at. the last one blacklisted me for never returning a Rolling Stone I checked out but LEFT AT THE SELF-CHECKOUT COUNTER. like, it never even left the building.

    although I did work at my college library all four years I was there.
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  19. ChaseTx

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    I have a bunch of fees, like $200 or something, at the library in the town I live in because we used to check out movies for my daughter when she was little and I never got around to returning a few of them

    So I can't go back to that one unless I wanna pay the fines, but I do use the neighboring town's library a lot
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  20. CobraKidJon

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    this is me when I go in a library because I have like $60 in fees and now they have comics so I am forced to pay the fee curse them
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  21. CobraKidJon

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    I have been watching this show called slobbys world and it was decent

    it has a more niche crowd for sure.
  22. Not going into the thread for the show yet since it's probably super spoilery in there, but I'm 3 episodes into Good Girls and it's been great so far.
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  23. bobby_runs

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    Finally saw “Always Be My maybe” last night. Probably the first Netflix rom-com I’ve seen that I could see having worked in a major theatrical release.

    Also did not know that Ali Wong wrote for Fresh Off the Boat which is a show I’ve enoyed since it’s premier.
  24. OotyPa


    Been watching Ramy and it's just so damn good. I haven't stopped thinking about it since starting it. It has a similar cinematic feel to Atlanta, while keeping a lighthearted tone like Master of None or High Maintenance. Y'all need to get on that.
  25. marissalg

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    Loved Always Be My Maybe. Please give me all the Netflix romcoms.
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