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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by popdisaster00, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. RyanPm40

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    I forgot Ray Romano existed, and then I found out that his son works on James Corden's late night show and James had Ray and him do a "Face Your Father" challenge that was pretty funny
  2. Kiana

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    Love Grace and Frankie but I am kind of over them having these big fights every season. I like when they bicker and the way they are sort of a foil against one another but whenever they have legit fights I'm not a fan.

    Brianna is still the best one. She is who I aspire to be in my life but I will never be as cool lol
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  3. DrAlanGrant

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    Sex Education is a show everyone should be watching. The messages come across in such a real and hilarious way. The 3 leads are absolutely brilliant. Also appears to be the first real roles for the Maeve and Eric actors which I'd never guess
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  4. ncarrab


    Outside of Jan, I literally hated everyone in Abducted in Plain Sight. Almost turned it off it was so ridiculous.
  5. Dinosaurs Dish

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    I'm still convinced the parents were in on the whole thing. None of the shit they personally did or allowed to happen sound like something a normal human being would do.
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    Oh no! I haven’t had a chance to watch season 5 yet and hearing that is a huge bummer.
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  7. supernovagirl

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    I know it sounds wild to us (and some things were wild no matter the time frame) but I think it’s really unfair to put so much on the parents. The 70s were truly such a different time that you can’t jusge them in the context of 2019.

    People were really extremely uneducated about crime back then. Kidnapping literally wasn’t taken seriously until the 80s. You heard several people say “we didn’t know what pedophiles were.” Those things just weren’t common knowledge back then.

    It’s honestly sad and what’s even sadder is knowing, withe everything I just said, how many people never got caught or how many kids never got found.
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  8. Dinosaurs Dish

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    I don't think I can buy that. It's too hard to wrap my head around.

    It would be one thing if they noticed the guy looking at her or maybe inappropriately holding her in his lap or something and not thinking much past that. But they were always around each other, the husband gave him a handjob in his car, the wife had an affair with him, and they willfully approved him sleeping in her bed for 6 months.

    Yeah, I can't chalk that up to it just being a different time.
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  9. supernovagirl

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    Like I said not -everything- is explained by the time.
    I think what I’m saying is to them it wasn’t inappropriate because the thought of an adult wanting to fuck a child was completely removed from their mind because like I said they didn’t know pedophiles were a thing.
    The bed thing is what I have the hardest time wrapping my head around but within the context of the bigger story makes a little more sense
    The hj/affair I think is just to show how manipulating/charming this guy was and how much each parent were under his spell

    Anyway I just mean things that should be respected as a product of the time:
    1. The parents’ ignorance about pedophiles
    2. The lack of action surrounding the missing child and not calling cops etc
    I know it’s so hard for us to wrap our brains around it but especially the second one is something that was genuinely normal back then and shouldn’t fall on the parents.
    (I know you didn’t mention those 2 things specifically when you first posted but that’s where’s most peoples criticism is)
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  10. marsupial jones

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    it boggles my mind that the mom would WRITE A BOOK and the parents would be game for a documentary explicitly detailing how many times you fucked up and were the dumbest people on earth.

    i can get that it was a different time in the 70's, but to not bury that shit in the 70's and keep it as private as you could blows my mind. like, "hey, let's make sure as many people as possible learn how dumb as shit we were in the 70's". i could not and would not allow that :crylaugh:
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  11. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Yeah, I think we're focusing on two different things then. I can understand not immediately calling the cops on her being abducted the first time because, regardless of the other shit going on, he is a family friend and there's not cell phones, etc... I can totally get that.

    I'm more focusing on the affair/handjob/sleepover stuff. I can't get past that at all.
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  12. Dinosaurs Dish

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    I think they were hoping to be absolved by the amount of sympathy most other families get in these documentaries get. And they were too stupid to realize how awful it made them look.
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  13. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  14. supernovagirl

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    Honestly I read an interview with the person who made the documentary and it’s clear that she and the parents/family all thought the film would be regarded as super inspiring and eye opening and heartbreaking. Obviously culturally it is being seen more as a joke.

    On one hand I agree with you totally haha but on the other hand I feel like talking about things is important and sweeping things under the rug does no favors. Owning one’s story is empowering for some, and why not profit off something that screwed you up as a kid? I dunno.
  15. Dinosaurs Dish Feb 7, 2019
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    Dinosaurs Dish

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    Everyone should watch The Imposter documentary. It used to be on Netflix but it isn't anymore, but it's absolutely worth searching for. Without giving away too much, it's about a kid who went missing in Texas in the mid-90's and then was found in France 5+ years later.

    Absolutely fascinating.
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  16. manoverboard365


    I've never even heard of Abducted in Plain Sight but now ya'll got me intrigued. Gonna pop it on tonight.
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  17. colorlesscliche

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    Prepare yourself to be completely dumbfounded.
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  18. ncarrab


    I do agree that in the 70s and even later into the 80s, many people, especially suburban families, were completely oblivious to crime, pedophilia, serial killers, etc. It's not like today where we read about everything 24/7 and can't escape it.

    THAT SAID, once something was amiss, the parents handling of the situation was absolutely reckless and ridiculous. Not calling authorities for days after their daughter was taken? The mother having an affair with the guy AFTER he had already kidnapped his daughter? Even the way she still spoke about him 40 years later, it's like she was still in awe of his charm. She should shiver the thought of even mentioning his name. I'm also willing to bet the father had more of a sexual relationship than led on with the guy.

    Like, I couldn't possibly hate these people more.
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  19. supernovagirl

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    I think back then it was completely normal to not call the authorities for days though. That’s what I’m saying. Especially when they’re with a family friend, you wouldn’t think something sinister happened bc you’re naive.

    Everything else tho...yeah. The nature of the relationship of both parents with him are totally why everything played out how it did and is so sad. However I guess I see the parents as more as victims themselves because of their naivety.
    Idk. I feel bad for the whole family. Obviously the daughter most but yeah. I think it’s important to show these things to show exactly how something like this could happen because of course your first reaction is “how tf could that happen” lol the documentary attempts to contextualize it but I think ended up leaving most people still scratching their heads.
  20. Dinosaurs Dish

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    It's hard to feel bad for the parents seeing as they basically enabled a child predator to do whatever he wanted with their daughter. Obviously B is the 100% guilty piece of shit that he is, but her parents are absolutely part of the blame and should be considered responsible for being negligent doofuses.
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  21. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Like, I could see parents getting jail time nowadays for allowing B to do most the shit he did. And they should; it's negligence and child endangerment.
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  22. ncarrab


    I honestly wouldn't recommend that doc to anyone it's so maddeningly stupid. I wanted to turn it off 20 minutes into it. It was not interesting in any way to me.
  23. supernovagirl

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    Yeah because we live in a completely different time now. That’s the point I’m making...
  24. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Sure, I got your point about that. But that doesn't change my mind that the parents could have been involved or that they deserve part of the blame for being shitty people.
  25. eight30


    I watched this the other night because I heard about it here and can we talk about the insane alien story he concocted? So gross how much energy he put into that, among the other shit he did.
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