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Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/Prime (All Streaming Services) • Page 634

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by popdisaster00, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. bedwettingcosmo

    i like bands who can't sing good Supporter

    welp fuck me.
  2. imthesheriff

    Here I Am. So Glad You Are. Supporter

    I had no issue with hbo max until recently and it’s pissing me off.
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  3. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    we're on each other's team Platinum

    I've had to reinstall Youtube twice in the past week or so because they took Youtube TV off roku and it affected the basic youtube app
  4. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    Maybe HBO finally hit its …max……

    sorry. bye. :)
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  5. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I've been watching YTTV with no issues
  6. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    HBO hasn't gone down on me today, but it is acting a little weird. It's dropped to like 240p a few times now
  7. Ok update I just finished season 2 and wtf that show was god damn perfect. Astounded I’d never heard of it before and want to recommend it for the second time because it’s a show everybody should watch
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  8. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    watched the first three today, good shit
  9. imthesheriff

    Here I Am. So Glad You Are. Supporter

    I read the description and I’m definitely going to check it out.
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  10. riotspray

    Trusted Prestigious

    Started Feel Good but only had a chance to watch the first episode, but I'm definitely gonna try to watch the rest this weekend.
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  11. This looks awesome. Huge cast too.

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  12. theagentcoma

    yeah good okay

    Looks fun
  13. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    I wish I could put my finger on what exactly it is about so many of these Netflix movies that looks the same, but there’s definitely something and it bums me out
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  14. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Is it the big NETFLIX logo in the corner? ;)
  15. DrAlanGrant

    Texas Forever

    Love u, RJ Cyler
  16. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    Central Park season 2 starts tomorrow!
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  17. marsupial jones

    make a bagel without the hole

    Just added Disney+ to my Hulu account for my goddaughters and I’m geeking out at the “MCU in timeline order” layout. I know I could just Google it too but this is much simpler.
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  18. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    I love these. Recommendations for others like these are greatly appreciated.

    I haven't seen Little Fires Everywhere but I think The Act (Hulu) and The Night Of (HBO) could be on this list.
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  19. bedwettingcosmo

    i like bands who can't sing good Supporter

    currently in the middle of both little fires and big little lies. right there w/ you.
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  20. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Didn’t know they did that. I’m not a huge Marvel guy, but I did want to do a re watch of the main entries soon. That makes it easier
  21. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    The Act is new to me, I'll look it up!!
  22. Jusscali

    Haddonfield’s Most Wanted Prestigious

    Idk man, Loki is so whatever for me right now.
  23. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    Marvel is so whatever for me always.
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  24. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I don't watch Marvel movies
  25. domotime2

    Great Googly Moogly Prestigious

    THE MOLE got added on Netflix. Yessssss. My favorite reality show game show of all time.
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