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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by popdisaster00, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. EASheartsVinyl

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    I was curious until I heard some of the specific dialogue and plot points, and that ruined my interest in watching it even as a trainwreck.
  2. Colby Searcy

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    I've never even heard of that show/movie
  3. matthaber

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    if yr into watching pure unintended garbage it might be worth a watch tbh. ITS.SO.BAD.

    No hyperbole at all when I say it very well might be the worst TV show I’ve ever seen lmao . It is shameful that Netflix green lit this.
  4. EASheartsVinyl

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    It’s a new Netflix show that has only made any impression for being a total failure on every possible level.
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  5. y2jayjk

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    Finishing OITNB since I haven't watched since when S3 aired. Thinking Fleabag next unless something else is even better?
  6. EASheartsVinyl

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    Nope, it’s the best. And the entire thing is shorter than one season of OITNB, so it’s a much easier task.
  7. Garrett

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    I watched all of eight minutes of The I-Land before I turned it off.
  8. marsupial jones

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    All this negativity makes me want to watch it lol but whenever I watch one of those “so bad it’s funny” type things I always feel bad because I feel like I should be watching one of the many great shows I’ve yet to watch
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  9. Colby Searcy

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    All the negativity makes me think I'll probably enjoy it haha
  10. EASheartsVinyl

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    Almost everything I’ve read has described it as bad bad, not enjoyably bad. It also has a line something like, “There’s no rape here, just sex or no sex,” which is just impossibly awful.
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  11. omg Mumbo is SpongeBob/Ice King.
  12. bradsonemanband

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    Everyone should be watching Little Monsters on Hulu this weekend
  13. supernovagirl

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    I finally finished Unbeleivable and just ugh wow. I just have a lot of feelings so here goes- spoiler alert obv but I think it’s been out at this point —

    I was crying so many tears that last episode. All the anger and sadness surrounding Marie, then turning into happy tears as she became so empowered and ugh I just l love her. So much relief from the sentencing and also this insane anger of knowing how utterly rare a sentencing lie that is. And also the absolutely infuriating feelings towards the original WA detectives who completely fucked up a poor girl’s life and then even further could have possibly prevented so much from makes your heart heavy. It also reminds me very much of the dahvie vanity story recently that exposed how my own county sheriff department did the same thing and could have saved dozens of girls. It’s just so beyond heartbreaking.
    Also at the end I wanted so badly to keep having a story about the detectives. First because I love Toni Colette but also because I just loved their characters so much and it’s so rare to see badass women being portrayed that way and I would have watched them solve crimes together for a million more eps.
  14. Nothing this year is better than Fleabag.
  15. EASheartsVinyl

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  16. waking season

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    I just started Dark last night and I’m hooked, watched the first 5 episodes in one sitting
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  17. RyanPm40

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    I still need to watch Dark.

    Are the dubs really that bad? My attention span is really bad so I tend to glance away from the TV every now and then. Don't want to miss any important subtitles
  18. Wharf Rat

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    The dub is extremely bad. I'm the same way and gave up on Dark for that reason lol. I've watched a solid amount of subbed stuff to the point where I'm probably better than most people at reading subs while not paying complete attention and it still lost me lol. Worth a try though
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  19. waking season

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    I’m watching the original German with subtitles and it’s not too bad, I’ve rewound a few scenes to make sure I read everything but it’s not too distracting. It’s also fun realizing how little German I actually remember from college haha.
  20. EASheartsVinyl

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    It’s not really a show you can look away from even if you speak the language. Definitely has to be watched with full attention or you’ll risk missing a lot of important or quick stuff that will come back up later. I also just got hooked super recently and have binged everything but the last two episodes in a super short time. The wait for season 3 will be unbearable.
  21. The Lucky Moose

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    I guess English speaking people aren’t used to subtitles lol in small European countries they are the norm
  22. Jake W

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    Streaming has also made non-English language shows/films way more commonly available to English speaking countries. I've watched more stuff with subtitles in the last few years than I ever did in my life before streaming lol
  23. The Lucky Moose

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    I’m pretty sure it’s an established fact the main reason the Dutch are such good English speakers is that they don’t dub shows and movies.
  24. The Lucky Moose

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    I somehow don’t think that those shows do all that well in English speaking countries. It’s certainly rare that one of them gets coverage. I personally think it’s awesome, I watch a lot of them (as in shows in languages I don’t know lol).