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  1. marsupial jones

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    Started watching Mindhunter last night (finally) and looooooooooove it. Different than I thought it would be. Didn’t know that some of the terminology that gets tossed around these days was created just three decades or so ago. Definitely picking up the book.
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  2. Cameron

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    Can’t wait for Mindhunter s2.
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  3. waking season

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    Just watched Bird Box and really enjoyed it. Sure there were some holes but it was an entertaining watch. Really liked the cast.
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  4. lostawholeyear

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    On paper, You is everything that I want and like in a show, but I thought it kinda sucks. The monologue pulls me out and the acting is bad.
  5. imthesheriff

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    I watched about 10 minutes of You and turned it off. I hated the voice over.
  6. @Jason Tate @iCarly Rae Jepsen I watched Certain Women this morning and really liked it, but it kind of just made me want to watch more KStew. I can't remember the last thing I saw her in where she wasn't playing a supporting role.
  7. tucah

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    personal shopper is the most recent lead i can think of for her. clouds of sils maria, personal shopper and certain woman turned me into a big kstew fan, she's phenomenal in all three.
  8. ChaseTx

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    Haven't seen anything too negative about Cam. The worst criticism I've seen it's that it would be better as an episode of Black Mirror or something
  9. EASheartsVinyl


    I mentioned it earlier offhand, but have you ever seen Speak? It’s a very early role for her and it was really well done. A rare book adaptation that is very close to the source material, and she had a very challenging role which she nailed.
  10. Brother Beck

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    I had a response typed up about her being great in 'Clouds of Sils Maria' but then I wasn't sure if it was on Netflix. Phenomenal movie, and she was excellent in it.
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  11. @tucah @EASheartsVinyl I'm interested in Personal Shopper and Speak for sure, but neither of those are on Netflix at the moment, unfortunately (and I currently don't have any other streaming services). I think Clouds of Sils Maria will be my next thing.

    @Brother Beck it is! (Saw your post midway through typing mine)

    Come to think of it, I haven't seen anything of hers pre-Adventureland except for Panic Room, so Speak would be an interesting in between sort of thing to fill in that gap.
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  12. marsupial jones

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    Interestingly enough I saw a video on YouTube last night titled “why I’ll never trust critic ratings again” and the image was of a 93% RT rating for Cam. Haven’t watched the video as I haven’t watched Cam yet, and maybe it’s just a clickbait image, but this is the closest I’ve come for negative Cam stuff.
  13. zigbigwig

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    i tried watching this show with this post in mind and all i can say is i am hooked

    im curious to see the houses of the more controversial players. the way they judge the other houses - i have very high expectations!
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  14. The new season is starting soon!
  15. yung_ting


    There’s a show I love called Come Dine With Me where five people each have to host a dinner party for the other four and score each other to determine who was the superior host, so if Instant Hotel is basically that with b&bs I’m very here for it lol
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  16. manoverboard365


    So there isn't an Amazon Prime thread so I'll just mention it here. This weekend Prime added Beautiful Boy and Annihilation. Both were great, highly recommend.
  17. Serh

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    I thought Annihilation was on Hulu
  18. domotime2

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    So me and gf have been bringing that 70s show as our background noise show cause weve never legit watched the show front to back etc

    Glad to say the comedy still stands the test of time. The one thing I didnt know about the show though was how corny it could be at times when it came to certain issues. Like Eric is the absolute worst and yet hes painted as the good guy... totally a sign of things being different in 2018 than 2002.

    Does anyone have a favorite? It has to be Kitty right?
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  19. Brother Beck

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    Kitty & Red were always my favorite part of that show.
  20. marsupial jones

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  21. Should there be individual threads for Hulu and Amazon Prime and, like, the upcoming Disney streaming service? I'm just thinking about how the Moviepass thread became the Movie Theater Subscription Services thread, but that was kind of because Moviepass was dying and A-List was starting up, and it doesn't look like Netflix is going anywhere.
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  22. colorlesscliche

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    I'd rather see it all in one thread. Just my opinion though.
  23. EASheartsVinyl


    Kitty was the best and it wasn’t even close. I haven’t been able to revisit the show since everything about Danny Masterson came out, but it used to be one of my watch any time it’s on or just need background as well. I usually stopped around season 6 or so though, after that it was horrendous.
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  24. marsupial jones

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    same. i feel like people would forget one or the other or cross reference. and there are times when both / all services have the same things, so it would be easier to update / talk about in one thread instead of across 2-3.
  25. manoverboard365