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Nervus - Everything Dies (March 9, 2018) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jake W, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious


    1. Congratulations
    2.Nobody Loses All The Time
    3. Sick Sad World
    4. Recycled Air
    5. It Follows
    6. Skin
    8. The Way Back
    9. Hold Tight
    10. Fall Apart

  2. softanimal

    It's my mum's dodge caravan

    Excited for this - the new songs they've released have been bangers, and they were fantastic supporting Creeper in London a few months ago. Hopefully this reaches an even bigger audience as they totally deserve it!
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  3. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

  4. Y'all motherfuckers need Nervus
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  5. abear182


    This album is bloody fantastic!
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  6. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    I'm in love with this
  7. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    Going to check this out based on everyone's recs
  8. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    i like the second track on this a lot
  9. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    is this straight up pop punk or more of a hybrid of things?
  10. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    It's not pop punk at all
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  11. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I only thought they were bc you compared them to that other crappy band haha.. Im excited to check this out at lunch
  12. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    Not entirely sure what genre I'd put this in. Emoish rock I guess lol
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  13. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Lol my favorite
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  14. nohandstoholdonto

    problem addict Prestigious

    guess I’ll check this out
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  15. I like this a lot.
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  16. berbakay


    Thank you all for recommending this in the other thread. When I was listening to MB in 2014 I hoped they would go on to sound like this.
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  17. Snoblin

    Goblin Person Prestigious

    Was a big fan of the singles, listened to the album this morning and a lot of the other tracks didn't grab me as easily.
  18. monkeytarget


    Thanks for recommending this in the MB thread. Great record!!
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  19. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    I love this more every time I listen to it
  20. sawhney[rusted]2

    I'll write you into all of my songs Supporter

    The transition/variation at the end of Congratulations proves that I'm gonna like this a lot

    Perfect for the start of the Spring WEATHERRRRRRRRRRRR
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  21. maryp1603

    Hey. Supporter

    Also if you haven’t followed Nervus on Twitter, Em (the lead singer) is fucking hilarious. Glad to see this thread.
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  22. TomG

    Regular Supporter

    Found this by chance on my “New Music” playlist on Apple Music. Really enjoying it. Solid rhythm section
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  23. Listen to Tellison and The Maple State if you like what this lot do. Much different lyrical perspectives but similar vibes.
  24. jkauf

    Trusted Supporter

    Whoa, this is really good — something special about this album, especially “Recycled Air.” Thank you for posting and talking about them, best rec I’ve gotten in awhile.
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  25. jkauf

    Trusted Supporter

    Though I’m not really into It Follows.