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Neck Deep’s Set Cut Short Due to Fight With Venue Security

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Neck Deep and security at Nottingham Rock City apparently got into a scuffle last night during their set. Both parties have released statements and you can find those below.

    Statement From Neck Deep

    A Neck Deep show – any show for that matter – should be a protected and positive environment, where everyone is safe and free to enjoy music being played.

    The safety of our fans is our number one priority, but no-one involved in a show should EVER be in fear of harm or injury – be that fans, crew, venue staff, security or the band.

    The events that transpired last night were regretful and deeply unfortunate. Things rapidly escalated to a point that they should never have gotten to. We believe that violence is never a solution, and that everything that went down could and should have been handled better by all parties.

    We are so very sorry to anyone who was in any way hurt, upset or inconvenienced last night.

    All scheduled tour dates will go ahead as planned, and we will be taking extra measures to ensure that these events are never again repeated.

    For everyone in attendance last night, we are working on a rescheduled date for you, and we will ensure that your original tickets will remain valid / be reissued.

    Thank you all for reading and for your understanding.
    Statement From Nottingham Rock City

    We are currently still fully investigating the incident. It appears that the band took exception to the way the Rock City security were handling fans who were crowd surfing into the pit and attempting to get on stage.

    This unfortunately escalated into a physical confrontation between the band and the security staff. Having reviewed the CCTV footage and spoken to witnesses, it doesn’t appear that the security staff were disproportionate in their response to the crowd surfing.

    We take the safety of our customers very seriously and constantly review our crowd management policy. Of course, we know how disappointing this has been for the fans who didn’t get to see the band play. We hope to be able to make a further announcement on this shortly.

  2. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    How did they get in a fight with security during their set?
  3. Sean Murphy

    Prestigious Supporter

    From the looks of the video tagged in the article, it appears that they stopped playing to come to the defense of patrons.
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  4. JM95


    Gotta say, the statement from Rock City, alongside the fact that currently the most incriminating footage going round is of the Neck Deep bassist trying to boot one of the security guys in the head looks pretty bad for the band.
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  5. shawnhyphenray


    This really does look bad for the band. It was the idiot crowd surfer's fault too.
  6. Sean Murphy Oct 10, 2017
    (Last edited: Oct 10, 2017)
    Sean Murphy

    Prestigious Supporter

    Yeah, I mean I wasn't there, but speaking purely from a standpoint of someone who has been to a show like this before, these bands will ACTIVELY promote as many people crowdsurfing as possible, and even though these guys at the front are typically bigger gentlemen, I have to imagine it's not easy having to be constantly pulling people from the crowd no matter how big small sober or drunk they may be, its behavior that I see often resulting in patrons being ejected from venues, I tend to side with the security members in cases like what this looks like, however again, I was not there but taking everything presented thus far at face value, this seems like it's more on the band for getting themselves involved like this.
  7. Sean Murphy

    Prestigious Supporter

    It's also ironic to me that this band says shows need to remain "safe" and they obviously did not believe the security was doing it's best job, when most of the injury and "unsafe" circumtances I see at shows come from within the crowd, from the crowdsurfing and the "moshing". When a drunk 215lb man decides to launch himself into the air on top of a crowd of smaller, unaware people, it's bewildering to me that he is the one who gets pissed when they can't hold him up.
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  8. felipecardel

    formless in the night Prestigious

    wow that one shitty band keeps being shitty? shocking
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  9. crunchprank Prestigious

    Something, something, something defend pop punk?
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  10. emeryk3

    Wharf Mice

    Hard to pick a side. I'm seeing a lot of hate to the security guards, but the people there are mostly fans so they're biased. The guards do gave a shitty rep though.
  11. Sean Murphy

    Prestigious Supporter

    after doing a little more reading into the comments on the thread of the twitter post linked, it seems like the security at this venue do have a reputation for being rough like this, which again at face value i can't determine if thats good or bad, because the people posting this on twitter could just be obnoxious show goers themselves.

    just stop crowdsurfing guys
  12. swboyd

    are we still lucky to be here? Prestigious

    this just further solidifies the need to destroy pop punk once and for all. let's get to it boys and girls.
  13. crunchprank Prestigious

    Seems easy right? However logical it may be though, it's still incomprehensible to some. A concert or show would be much more enjoyable for all involved. But hey why am I complaining, this is why I started standing in the back almost a decade ago.
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  14. TDenverFan


    I did see a video showing security putting the cameraman in a headlock. I think both parties are at fault, but I don't blame Neck Deep for intervening.
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  15. DerekIsAGooner

    So assuming that this weekend...

  16. foomanfat


    As a 6' 300lb target for stage divers, I support this sentiment.
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  17. justin.

    Trusted Supporter

    If I saw a security guard grab a kid by the throat and toss him around like a doll then i'd get pretty upset. I wouldn't blame the crowd surfer.
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  18. JM95


    Is there any evidence of this?
  19. justin.

    Trusted Supporter

    I was speaking in general due to comments in this thread pointing out crowd surfers. If a security guard mishandles a crowd surfer then it's not the fault of the crowd surfer, and I don't blame a musician for getting upset about it. Being a security guard doesn't give you the right to ring someone's neck or violently toss them. If you can't help them across the barricade without doing the above then you should get a new job.
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  20. fourstarters

    Team Wiggum

    I hate to see stuff like this, but security is there to keep you on the other side of that barricade and keep the band safe. Once you come over, you're trespassing. Note that none of the other bands on this run have commented on the events of the show.

    Don't crowdsurf unless you're willing to accept what happens once you get to the barricade. When it's a steady stream of crowdsurfers coming over the barricade and five or six guards, shit happens.
  21. JM95


    Oh right ok, yeah.
  22. daldalian

    hopelessly yours, Alabama

    I'm a judgmental son of a bitch and I hate crowdsurfers. It's one of the reasons I rarely go to shows in my favorite genre of music. I think it's a selfish thing to do and actively makes the show worse for a most people.

    One thing that solidified Jimmy Eat World as my favorite band was when I saw them and Jim told people to stop crowd surfing. High five Jim.
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  23. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    Whenever I've seen Jimmy eat world Jim seems to sorta help security and nod where the crowdsurfers are, which I appreciate cause then I watch my back instead of getting kicked in the head
  24. justin.

    Trusted Supporter

    There’s a difference between not liking crowdsurfers and blaming them because a douchebag with a power complex wants to ring their neck and push them around.
  25. carrytheweird

    I don't mind crowd surfers at all. I feel like many who push up to the front a generally down to let loose and be in there for that. I haven't done it in quite some time, but many bands encourage it. I feel like most people I know don't mind.

    Stagediving onto people too aggressively or if you're just not a small person is bad judgement and dumb though. I'm all about safety and no one getting hurt at a show, so anything that's extreme to the point of injury I'm not cool with.
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