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N.F.L. Teams Will Be Fined if Players Kneel During National Anthem • Page 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 23, 2018.

  1. SEANoftheDEAD


  2. I am a die hard Eagle fan and even I can't deny that most Eagle fans are obnoxious assholes. I watch most games alone lol.
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  3. Also Idk if it was mentioned in this thread but players have the option of staying in the locker room during the National Anthem from what I hear.
  4. SmithBerryCrunch

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    It's literally the first sentence of this news post lol
  5. Look! I don't like reading okay!?
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  6. Oof yeah, that's bad on my part
  7. justin.

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    They do but coming out as a team is important. If 10+ players choose to protest and have to stay in the locker room instead of protesting on the field next to the rest of the team then it will cause a team unity problem.
  8. shawnhyphenray


    I go both ways with this. I think they should do what they want, thus being fined is stupid. However, it's part of the contract that they signed and part of the ritual for games so technically they're going against their rules doing it, so I understand that as well.
  9. Fucking Dustin

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    It definitely is not a part of the contract they signed or part of any rules before now (which the players did not get a say in determining and therefore did not sign up for)
  10. Fucking Dustin

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    I have a feeling a full season lockout is coming (not this year but soon) as it should
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  11. Thank god for the XFL right!?!?
  12. jorbjorb

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  13. shawnhyphenray


    but like any job, and this is essentially their job, rules come and go and you are penalized for not following them, whether they are stupid rules like this or not
  14. CyberInferno

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    It's posts like this that say we should have a "dislike" option ;-) (yes, I'm one of the hated Patriots fans)

    And I'm kidding. No need to turn this site into Facebook.
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  15. HarrisonMonopoly


    I understand the players motivation to kneel. I don't disagree with their feelings at all. Where I run into a problem is that this comes down to business owners and dollars and cents. Regardless of if the owners line of thinking is morally okay, its their business to run.

    If I owned a pizza place, and one of my drivers kept peacefully telling my customers all of the injustices in the world every time somebody answered the door and I thought it was hurting business, I would probably remove the driver.

    Like I said, I'm not against anything these guys are protesting. I agree with them. It's just not really the players choice here.
  16. Nathan

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    The NFL brought politics into this when it accepted Dept. of Defense money to hold nationalistic ceremonies and forced players to attend. It’s not like a pizza delivery driver telling customers about “all of the injustices of the world”, it’s like a pizza place that forces its drivers to attend a Blue Lives Matter rally, and the drivers are being broadcast to millions of people around the world during the meeting. And then one driver decided to show his dissent, and then all the other pizza places colluded so that no one would hire him once he was let go, and the president pressured all the pizza places to force players to attend the rallies and be respectful, and the pizza places all enacted a rule without an official vote or consulting the union representing the drivers, and I know none of this lines up particularly well, but that’s because your analogy was really dumb.
  17. atticusfinch

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    Do your thing fam.
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  18. HarrisonMonopoly


    These business owners are simply doing what they think is best for business. It’s not anyone’s place but theirs to say how to operate it. Do I think it makes sense? No.

    And the one pizza driver that showed dissent wasnt ‘let go’ but voluntarily opted out of his last year in San Francisco and left like 12 million dollars on the table.
  19. Nathan

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    So you're gonna continue the dumb analogy.

    It actually is employee's place to tell their employers how to run their business. That's what unions are for. Like the union that the NFL ignored when they enacted this rule that isn't part of the collective bargaining agreement they had with the union. When businesses violate the rights of their workers, they are in the wrong.

    Imagine watching as the NFL ignored and covered up the effects of concussions and CTE, ignored and covered up domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape committed by players and coaches, actively suppressed the freedom of expression of their players in response to pressure from the government, and saying "it's not anyone's place to tell them how to run their business". Come on, man.
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  20. Wharf Rat

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    Not really relevant here and i don't mean to derail this thread but I had to because I was the opposite of this. As a giants fan in boston I could not root for the Pats because doing so meant I would've had to deal with you people
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  21. Wharf Rat

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    If the players' union has any balls they should strike immediately based on not getting consulted at all in this rule change, which has to be a violation of the CBA somehow. The longer they wait the more it becomes about other things, the things most lockouts that come in the middle of negotiating a CBA are about, which are noble and good to fight for but if they made a stand right now on this specifically it would be a historic moment in social movements in the US
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  22. Wharf Rat

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    And just to be clear - this isn't purely based on principles, on thinking the players should have a say. They do have a say. Since you're so into their contracts you should read the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a contract between the union and the owners which says that the players do have a say
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  23. Bryan Diem


    It's probably different up there but pats fans I know have respect for the giants. I always want them to do well, I want another remarch.
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  24. Wharf Rat

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    yeah exactly, its not even team hostility for me its just not wanting to be around a bunch of celebrating pats fans
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  25. Bryan Diem


    Haha yeah, I understand. Just remember you're their kryptonite in a superbowl
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