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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Lucas27, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Lucas27

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    Incredible band. Just released a new song off the upcoming "Viscera - EP" and it's ridiculous good. Thoughts on these guys?

  2. awakeohsleeper

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    One of my favourite bands. I am eagerly anticipating the new EP. Wish it was a full length though!
  3. awakeohsleeper

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    Although Viscera ended up being a disappointment and felt a bit short, I'm still looking forward to their next EP. They've hit such heights in the past that I could never discount them.
  4. trevorshmevor

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    Haven't listened to this band in a bit, this is pretty cool though
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  5. zacooper

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    I really wish Thrice would take these guys on tour with them and get them some more exposure. I love Yet and Behold.
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  6. awakeohsleeper

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    Would be amazing but sadly they don't really play many shows. I think they said last year that they're aiming for a tour, a couple of festivals (like Facedown & Audiofeed) and an EP each year. Which is definitely better than nothing - which they were often doing between albums.
  7. wood&wire

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    I initially felt the same way about Viscera, but I put it on last month and somehow couldn't stop listening to it! It was the strangest thing. I really enjoy it now.
  8. awakeohsleeper

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    Sounds like I need to revisit it. My main criticism was that it seemed so short but it definitely didn't grip my attention.

    When they put out the next EP I may create a back-to-back playlist.
  9. wood&wire

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    That's a good idea. Actually letting the lyrics sink in helped me appreciate the music more, too, in a weird way. Very excited for whatever the next release.
  10. awakeohsleeper

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    Their lyrics are one of the things that usually hit me most so having Viscera not doing that was a surprise. Some releases you just have to work harder with and perhaps I didn't! I'll give it a spin over the weekend.
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  11. awakeohsleeper

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    Edit: sorry, didn't realise someone had made an album thread - let's continue the conversation there!

    My Epic have finally announced their next release and, surprise, it's two EPs! One in March and one later this year.

    The first single is here:

    I'm really excited for the two themes they've identified here. It hits right where I'm at with faith and life.
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