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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. BTDandFeelingThis

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    It’s in my top 5.

    1. blink-182: untitled

    2. Taking Back Sunday: Where You Want To Be

    3. Jack’s Mannequin: Everything In Transit

    4. My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

    5. Hawthorne Heights: If Only You Were Lonely

    6. Silverstein: Discovering The Waterfront

    7. Story Of The Year: Wolves

    8. Alkaline Trio: Crimson

    9. Starset: Vessels

    10. Jimmy Eat World: Futures
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  2. pbueddi

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    Love seeing Wolves on this list. Honestly might be my favorite album from STOY.
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  3. xapplexpiex

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    this honestly has me emotional right now
  4. Kiana

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    Aside from a few songs American idiot didn't age super well for me. Ambitious but I skip around a lot
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  5. SpyKi

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    "Is this a band of vampires?"

    One second in and it's already gold lol.
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  6. Danger Days is one of those albums that once I put it on, I can’t turn it off. Definitely my favorite album by them and one of my favorites of all time. God I want a follow up so bad haha
  7. Bryan Diem


    If there were a studio version of Stay, that plus Fake Your Death would make such a sweet album with CW.
  8. unbornwhiskey


    love that the kids in that video are all immediately about the danger days singles and videos
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  9. Here we go again with Danger Days...

    Damn, I love it haha. Still need it on vinyl. Think I’ll look today. I LOVE driving through the desert listening to it. I remember the build up to the release and really digging the direction they went with it. The videos were all awesome too. I actually saw them live more in danger days era than any other era, which is weird to think about bc I was obsessed with Three Cheers when that dropped.

    It would be so interesting to hear what MCR would sound like in 2019.
  10. RyanPm40

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    Lol seriously, I got the feeling that would happen.

    They did an Elders React video of MCR at one point too and I think they were surprisingly a bit more positive than the kids if I'm remembering correctly
  11. Ben Lee

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    MCR in 2019 should sound like "Desolation Row" in my humble opinion. I loved that aesthetic and what they did with that song. But I also REALLY REALLY liked Danger Days and "Fake Your Death"
  12. RyanPm40

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    Wow I never knew about Fake Your Death. Didn't realize their compilation album had an unreleased track, holy fuck haha
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  13. Ben Lee

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    Enjoy! It felt like the perfect place to end their career.
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  14. Aregala

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    I wish the Danger Days vinyl was on a double LP or at least 3 sides of 2 LPs

    it sounds pretty good but it's still rather compressed

    but such is the reality of re-pressing stuff for vinyl far after the fact
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  15. SteveLikesMusic

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    Fake Your Death is so good, and an appropriate last song for them.
  16. Rowan5215

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    Conventional Weapons + "Fake Your Death" was such an excellent way for them to go out
  17. Cameron

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    It’s a hot August day, and I’m listening to DD.

    It’s funny because I never listened to it when it came out due to how long it felt between TBP. I just kinda lost interest in the band between that time. Finally listened to it probably 3 years ago, and love it now. When I saw it was coming out I thought it was corny how they were going for a post-apocalypse vibe. Mannnn was I wrong. I love the whole aesthetic they went for, and it works so well.
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  18. A warm sunny day in SoCal calls for Danger Days.
  19. Petit nain des Îles

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    Only took me a dozen years but their pre-Danger Days albums are finally clicking with me. I appreciated them but rarely revisited them. I guess I'm pinching myself for not stanning them harder as a teenager. Unrelated to their music, but I'm just realizing how much work and taste went into their looks through their career. The ones for the Danger Days era in particular (Gerard!) are incredible.
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  20. BTDandFeelingThis

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  21. Holy shit that was amazing. If that doesn't get the band back together, IDK what will.

    His version should be on the radio
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  22. Barresi

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    I had a dream that they dropped a surprise album that sounded like Disintegration.

    Please happen.
  23. SpyKi

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    Damn why make me sad before bed?
  24. subplotofcrows

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    One day we will wake up and there will be a surprise MCR album.
  25. xapplexpiex

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    Don’t tease me like that haha