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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. ComedownMachine

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    I feel like Joe Jonas might have been joking because MCR also existed around the same time as the Jonas Brothers
  2. RyanPm40

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    Yeah not sure how much I believe Joe Jonas there, seems unlikely, but that would be amazing

    Joe probably heard the facts wrong and it was just Frank's current band rehearsing or something.
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  3. emojedi


    There is nothing jokey about that.
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  4. The Midway


    Still love all their albums, and Danger Days was what I thought would be a really cool new direction for them to start headed towards. Too bad it ended there
  5. Kuri44


    My hype for DD was out of this world when they released this

    I looove the outfits, aesthetic, etc
  6. Bryan Diem


    I remember Na Na Na came out and my friends all said it was garbage and I thought it was perfect. Album is pure magic
  7. GBlades


    Don't know how to take it but I don't see where he would have gotten that from.


    They were never as good as HELENA
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  9. tdlyon

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    I still absolutely love Na Na Na, that song never got old for me at all
  10. clockwise

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    Danger Days is one of my all time favorite albums.
  11. slimfenix182


    Na Na Na rips
  12. BTDandFeelingThis

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    I never got the hate for Danger Days. It’s great
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  13. ncarrab


    Is it not possible that The Jonas Brothers just heard another band playing an MCR song while rehearsing?
  14. red8ge


    i'm sure joe just heard some other emo band play and assumed it was them
  15. Owlex

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    Maybe matchbook romance is planning a reunion
  16. BTDandFeelingThis

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    I would LOVE that
  17. ncarrab


    I'll take a Matchbook Romance reunion any day of the week.
  18. BTDandFeelingThis

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    I feel like I lost everything when they’re gone.
  19. JRGComedy

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    Is it really "stealing" a car if their folks don't mind?
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  20. AndrewSoup

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    my mind STILL hears "we could steal this car, we could fuck so much"
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  21. Bryan Diem


    For me
  22. Barresi

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    Oh noooo, I'll never un-hear those, noooooooo.
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  23. FTank

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    That’s the new way I’m hearing those lyrics
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  24. irthesteve

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  25. AndrewSoup

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    thank u Based Hoppus