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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. RyanPm40

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    Hahaha me at Simple Plan and Good Charlotte as my first concert. Went with a friend and both our dads came to chaperone. Super awkward.
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  2. RyanPm40

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    Ah okay that makes sense for context :P

    I probably would've voted for Famous Last Words too. That song's perfect. Surprised Helena got that far.
  3. pbueddi

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    Id still love to see that lineup today honestly.
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  4. disambigujason

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    How are we not gonna talk about how low disenchanted is? That’d be very high up on my list.
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  5. Bryan Diem


    Top 10 (no order):
    Demolition lovers
    Ghost of you
    Fashion statement
    Kids from yesterday
    Tie/runnersup: summertime/I don't love you/boy division/I never told you/cemetery drive
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  6. Kiana

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    Top 10:

    Fashion Statement
    Fashion Statement
    Fashion Statement
    Fashion Statement
    Fashion Statement
    Fashion Statement
    Fashion Statement
    Fashion Statement
    Desert Song

    Ur welcome
  7. SpyKi

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    This thread seems to have much better taste. Great lists guys.
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  8. ComedownMachine

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    1. Mama
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  9. RyanPm40

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  10. Owlex

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    People would hate my list tbh
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  11. The Black Parade

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    Never forget the true best MCR song

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  12. ItsAndrew


    I don't know if this has been discussed in an interview, but is there one member in particular keeping the band broken up? I mean, I presume all the members are on good terms with each other, right?
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  13. Sean Murphy

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    To me it just seems like then reuniting would be more a nostalgia act than an attempt to make new music, and theyd each have to put everything theyre doing on hold now just to go out and do a greatest hits tour. The money would probably be decent but i dont really blame them for not wanting to.
  14. NitrateDawn


    I think to an extent, them wanting to stay friends is what's keeping the band broken up
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  15. ItsAndrew


    If they did reunite and tour, they would most likely play arenas right? I've thought about this, and part of me thinks they would sell out arenas instantly, and another part of me thinks because it's been so long they may struggle to sell out large arenas.
  16. ComedownMachine

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    They might not be able to keep the demand for multiple tours but the first arena tour would sell out
  17. RyanPm40

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    That's the vibe I got from some interviews with Gerard.

    And they do seem to be on good terms from what I can tell.. or at least all of the members with Gerard lol. Ray has been doing solo stuff with Gerard occasionally, Gerard promoted Frank's new band on IG the other day, and I'm guessing Mikey and Gerard are on good enough terms since they're brothers and probably want to see their nieces lol
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  18. SpyKi

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    Gerard was the one who wanted to end the band and it seems like he still has no desire to bring the band back. Everyone else is just doing other stuff.
  19. SpyKi

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    Yeah they've all been very supportive of each others stuff and I think they still talk, the band ending was never really about the band members being sick of each other or any internal struggle.
  20. The older I get the more I love Danger Days. I still listen to it way more than the other albums. I save Black Parade for the fall, but other than that Danger Days is my go to If I want some MCR.

    I also saw Frank’s band on Sunday. They were alright. It just made me sad, really. A lot of those songs they played clearly have great foundations to be MCR songs. The songs mostly rocked on too long with unnecessary parts and lacked in melody to keep me interested. I feel like if he presented those songs to MCR, they could’ve made some great songs over the years.
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  21. Omni

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    Danger Days is my go to as well. I'm just in the mood for it more often than the others.
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  22. RyanPm40

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    I just can't get into Frank's vocals at all
  23. clockwise

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    I really really love Frank’s solo output.
  24. Mcrx


    my username is MCR related so I figured I'd better post on this thread sooner than later.
    I saw the list and disagree with a lot of it too. But I will have to agree that Helena is in my top songs. But one song that I like that is lower in the list is Bury Me in Black.

    In other news, I like Frank's new stuff ok. I really enjoyed getting into Stomachaches and the concert, but I didn't get into Parachutes as much as a whole (even though the hits were good). Still, looking forward to Barriers coming out soon.

    what about the others? Apparently Mikey's coming out with new Electric Century. I like Ray and Gerard's collaboration on the Umbrella Academy tracks.
  25. DeathOrGlory

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    Gerard was just promoting Mikey's new comic that's being released under the Young Animal imprint. Their relationship is doing just fine.