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My Chemical Romance Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. My Chemical Romance (often abbreviated as MCR) was an American rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. The band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way and keyboardist James Dewees. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002. They signed with Reprise Records the next year and released their major label debut Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004; the album was a commercial success, and was awarded platinum status a little over a year later.
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  2. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    Good band.
  3. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Danger Days is so underrated.
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  4. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I've been leaning that way myself, still love The Black Parade a lot though.
  5. George

    Trusted Prestigious

    Listening to Three Cheers now. Absolutely killer album, energy galore.
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  6. CoffeeEyes17

    Reclusive-aggressive Prestigious

    All 4 records are great. Three Cheers is my personal favorite but I can listen to them all front to back and enjoy them.

    I think @SpyKi would like this band call it a hunch
  7. heymattrick

    Sending my love

    Really great to see some Danger Days love at the top of this thread. Danger Days is such a ride from start to finish. It's such a bummer for me that it wasn't as well-received at the time, and now having heard how miserable Gerard and the band were touring on it. The Revenge and Black Parade eras were both at very important parts of my life growing up, but Danger Days hit me on an entirely different level. "Bulletproof Heart" and "Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back" are probably in my overall top 3 MCR songs (with "Famous Last Words" always #1)
  8. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Yeah, so I definitely think Danger Days is their best front to back now. I listened to The Black Parade recently for the first time in a while, and while it still has some of their very best songs IMO, the album as a whole doesn't hold up as well as I thought it might.
  9. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    only song on TBP I don't think is 10/10 perfect is "Teenagers" and I'd still take that over a handful on Danger Days. I don't think either of them are their best though.
  10. Doomsday

    flora & dany approve this post Supporter

    Danger Days will always be their best album, I just feel like it fits the band so much more. TPB is filled with great songs but the aesthetic always seems a little forced to me growing up. I still listened to it, don't get me wrong, and still do but I could never shake that little notion.

    I should listen to Three Cheers again, haven't spun that in a while
  11. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    TBP is my fave musically with 3 Cheers right behind, but DD is their best visually/aesthetically and in terms of world building and such. It makes me feel like I'm in a comic book. I really appreciate it for that aspect
  12. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I feel that to some extent.

    @SpyKi's about to get mad at me for the second time today, but I've never liked either of their first two records much.
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  13. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I enjoy Three Cheers, TBP and half of Danger Days. I've never given the first album a chance.

    and this will be me when they reform:

  14. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    Despite how much I love the style and everything they had going on TBP and how I still think they looked coolest during the Revenge cycle I'd probably agree with that just because of how detailed everything was. Super cool videos and look for that album cycle, even live.

    The word monster doesn't do you justice.
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  15. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter


    This will be me if they ever come back.
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  16. unbornwhiskey


    i totally agree that danger days is their best record, especially the second half, just one incredible song after another. in other controversial opinions, i don't really like the debut at all.
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  17. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    Honestly people disliking the first album will always baffle me. I think at least half of that album is better than any song on Danger Days. Seriously how do people not love "Early Sunsets" or "Demolition Lovers" or "Drowning Lessons". I mean damn.
  18. unbornwhiskey


    it was basically every song they had written up to that point and it really feels like it. sorta unrefined and digressive. charming, but never what i reach for
  19. Letterbomb31

    Trusted Prestigious

    Yeah, those songs just sound really messy and unfocused. Haven't revisited them in like 5 years now probably haha.
  20. mad

    I was right. Prestigious

    I went through a weird phase a few weeks ago where the only thing I could listen to was Three Cheers. What a fucking great record.
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  21. marsvoltamcr


    Three Cheers > Bullets > TBP = Danger Days

    all 4 are excellent albums, though
  22. disambigujason

    Trusted Supporter

    I can't stand danger days and it's my least favorite by them, but the first album was a bit too unpolished for me, save for a few songs. that's probably part of the appeal for most, but I can also see it driving away a lot of people.
  23. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

  24. JordanKTM

    @jordanmohler @killthemusictv Prestigious

    Chances of MCR playing Three Cheers/TBP front to back like Underoath did with their albums? They would have to bring back Bob though for me to go see them

    and yes I know they played TBP on their tours
  25. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter


    I'd sell everything I own to go if I had to though.
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