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  1. Ben Lee

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    My son is 12 and one of his favorite records is The Black Parade. Granted we do listen, but he’s never picked up on a record that my wife and I like. TBP is the only one. It’s safe to assume he’s not an anomaly.
  2. KyleK

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    Oh for sure, don't worry, I wasn't mad at your take or anything. I think you're underestimating how big their legacy is from that run of albums, but I'd never make that a personal criticism or anything, and I get where you were coming from.
  3. theredline

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    No worries. And just to clarify...I’m not saying they weren’t big. I’m just saying with those few albums i just don’t get HOW they were so big. There isn’t much there. And to me what is there doesn’t seem to warrant it. And there are so many bands with much better output and more of it that never got there. But things of this nature don’t always make much sense!
  4. bobby_runs

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    MCR grew during their hiatus because of marketing. It seemed like every time I walked into Hot Topic to get a Funko Pop! there was more MCR merch on he walls
  5. slimfenix182



    They're Only Chasing Safety: gold
    Define The Great Line: gold

    Three Cheers: 3x platinum
    Black Parade: 3x platinum
    Danger Days: gold