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MxPx Release New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 24, 2018.

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    MxPx’s new self-titled album will be available on streaming services tonight at midnight. The band just performed the album on YouTube and announced it’s in all Kickstarter backers emails right now.

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  2. What?! How did I not know this would be out today and that they played that? I'm pumped now. New running music for me.
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  3. Haha, cause you didn't check the supporter forum this morning!? ;-p

  4. Great way to end the day. :ok:
  5. FTank

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    Whoa whaaaaat
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  6. DandonTRJ

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    Fun little story: Eight years ago, I befriended a couple of college kids on a first not-even-really-a-date in line at an Anberlin show. Last weekend, I attended their wedding, where Mike from MxPx was in attendance and played all their first dances, followed by a full acoustic set that included multiple cuts off the new album. I also learned that circle pits are way more fun on wedding dance floors. Main point being, stoked to hear the full band versions!
  7. SpinelessYesBloke

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    That's ace! I saw Mike's photos - looked like a good time
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  8. Mikeydude91


    This album is amazing . Great way to start my day.
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  9. moosic

    Hear hear!

    Love it!
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  10. josh.hofer


    great stuff, this was a nice surprise!
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  11. popdisaster00

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  12. CampfireColorado


    and it rules. pretty sure that's a Friday reference in there?
  13. wakaflockajamez

    die die die, cry cry cry

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  14. wakaflockajamez

    die die die, cry cry cry

    This album rips!
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  15. fredwordsmith

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    This is way better than I expected, and I had fairly high expectations with the whole band back again. Way to go, guys.
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  16. Again, casual MxPx fan - wouldn't even say fan as I've never listened to a record but i have liked songs on comps/ soundtracks/ playlists. This rips. Watching the stream before digging into the record. I wish blink had sounded this fresh on CA :seeno:
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  17. Fox83


    Oh wow. I kept wondering what the actual release date was. AltPress mentioned July in an article awhile ago and I never saw another update confirming this. Strange to just drop it without mentioning the date prior, but I'm happy about this.
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  18. alkalinexandy

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    I'm really stoked on this. It's fast, upbeat, and catchy. Their best music in over a decade. Secret Weapon and Plans Within Plans both had a few great cuts but... For the most part the songs weren't very memorable.

    On second listen, every single song here is memorable (and different enough that it doesn't feel like they're bleeding together) with at least one part that really stands out.

    This is an MxPx album for MxPx fans, though. Won't change anybody's minds about the band. Haha.
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  19. mmhmm

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    Solid MxPx album.
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  20. noKings


    Just saw this on Spotify let's goooooo
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  21. DandonTRJ

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    It was a fabulous time! And they paid tribute to my roots with them by putting me at a table with this centerpiece:

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  22. theredline

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    So good.
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