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music with intricate melodies?

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by nfdv2, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. nfdv2 Mar 6, 2018
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    not to be confused with vocal prowess

    I recently got into Cocteau Twins and I think Liz Fraser's melodies are the most interesting I've ever heard. she articulates many more notes than average (i.e. sings "faster" than most), uses intervals uncommon in pop, and strings all the notes together into really emotionally resonant lines.

    am looking for contemporary/non-classical music (in any genre, though outside of traditional vocal-heavy pop genres would be appreciated) with similarly complex vocal melodies. the only other singers I know of who do this off the top of my head) are Adrianne Lenker (to a much smaller degree), Joe D'Agostino on Lenses Alien, and Jonas Bjerre of Mew.
  2. EmmanuelSCastle


    does Joni Mitchell fit the bill? might be older than you were looking for though
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    Dead Can Dance
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    I mean...

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    Doomed to Live

    Lisa Gerrard is from another world, truly. Her voice is one of the most magnificent things I have ever experienced.