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Music website and chat?

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by gustavowoltman, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. gustavowoltman


    Hi. This is maybe a bit off topic but I really need an advice

    I would like to add a group chat service (not installed software) to my members area in my website. I would like to use it on my page, blog and maybe add it to my facebook. I also heard that some chat services have have the ability to export the chat transcript and use the content to increase their website SEO. I found Rumbletalk which seems decent and I would like to know if anyone is using it or if you would suggest me something else? My budget is about $50 a month as I tested so several free ones that were not worth it. I need this for about 150-200 visitors.

  2. Johnlum


    Well I think that Rumbletalk is your best option. It offers amazing number of features, and ability to change the design as much as you want. It works amazing on phones, tablets as well. I think it is very worth trying it out.
  3. Johnlum


    Let me know if you need something with this. I will do my very best to assist you! :)