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Music Forum Policies and Guidance

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot Apr 18, 2018
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    Melody Bot

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    The music forum is the place to talk about music. This includes albums, bands/artists, and everything in-between. This thread outlines a few of the forum policies that help maintain a smooth and consistent environment.

    Please also be aware of the community rules and code of conduct policy.

    If you need to contact a moderator, you'll find an updated list here.

    Thread Titles & First Post

    Album vs Band
    Band threads are for discussion about a band or artist. The most common topics include unannounced new music, tours, and other generalized conversation about a specific band. Album threads are created to specifically discuss an album by a band. The are more specific on purpose to drive the conversation toward that album and to include information about that album. Some tour or other general discussion can also take place, but it's best to keep album threads on the topic of the album they are about.

    Album Thread Titles:
    Artist Name - Album Name (Month Day, Year)

    If no release date is known, you can use (TBA - YYYY) until a release date is announced. Please spell out the month, use four numbers for the year, and do not include anything after the day (e.g. do not make it an ordinal number like 12th, or 3rd). Do not include the record label or any other information in the title. Please do not capitalize or otherwise stylize any portion of the band or album name, just use regular title case.

    Make sure you select the "album" prefix when making.

    Now, Now - Saved (May 18, 2018)

    Band Thread Titles:
    Band Name


    Make sure you select the "band" prefix when making a generalized band thread.

    First Post:
    In the first post of an album thread you may include:
    • Album Artwork
    • Record Label
    • Track Listing
    • A couple songs (or links to songs) from the album.
    • Information on where to purchase the album.

    In the first post of a band thread you should include:
    • A brief paragraph about the band. Using their Wikipedia entry is not a bad idea. Some kind of information about who the band is, who the members are, and the history of the band is recommended.


    When creating a thread please use the correct prefix. This allows for easy sorting and searching for specific items within the forum:

    Common Threads

    Advanced Search

    Don't forget you can do a deep search of the music forum on our advanced search page.