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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. Melody Bot

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    A generalized chat thread about music, music, music.
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  2. Eric Wilson

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    Somehow managed to snag front row balcony seats to the Brian Wilson 'Pet Sounds 50' tour. Glad I didn't take those first few searches from Ticketmaster, where they had be in the very back rows. Always a gamble when I get tickets from them.
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  3. George

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    Going to see Bob Mould tomorrow. A mate of mine works as a booking agent, so he managed to sneak me onto the guestlist, which is a cushty bonus. I'm a big fan of Husker Du, but never really listened to Mould's solo stuff until a few days ago. It's pretty good! A bit Alkaline Trio-y, maybe.
  4. Wall Of Arms


    Going to see The 1975 tomorrow but in the excitement had forgotten The Japanese House is supporting as well, be interesting seeing how Amber and co. work a 5000 capacity room after seeing her in a room of about 120 last time.
  5. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    She's so stinking talented.
  6. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    I'm not sure if anyone has ever heard of Bankroll Fresh (YungFresh), he mainly performed with Gucci Mane, Mike Will Made It, and he was on Metro Boomin's mixtapes. He was murdered 5 days ago and there were 50 shells outside of the studio on the ground. There are 0 suspects. He was only 28. Makes me really sad. :concerned:
  7. Timmiluvs

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    Jesus, RIP
  8. Wharf Rat

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    my planned summer shows are:
    Dead & Co
    Dead & Co
  9. FTank

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    I'm here let's chat
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  10. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    You, Me, And Everyone You Know broke up today.
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  11. PyramidPostcard

    avocado squirrel rides again Prestigious

    Kinda weird how quiet this thread is compared to the other chat thread
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  12. Timmiluvs

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    I think it's just because this one is kinda for music/music related discussion while the other one encompasses everything. So sometimes people forget about this one and just talk about music and whatever else in the general one.
  13. Ben

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    i'm really pumped about eaux claires this summer. i was really sad i missed it last year, and while i don't think this year's lineup is quite as great, i'll still get to see bon iver in the flesh. i might die.
  14. Timmiluvs

    I play video games fast -- @Timmiluvs Prestigious

    Ooh Bon Iver should be an awesome show.
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  15. PyramidPostcard

    avocado squirrel rides again Prestigious

    Shows I currently have tickets to:
    Fall Out Boy/Awolnation/Pvris
    Weezer/Panic! at the Disco/Andrew McMahon
    the Hotelier/Told Slant
  16. ooh fun

    seeing Mineral Girls Sunday
    Brand New/Modest Mouse
    Into It Over It/World Is A Beautiful Place/Pinegrove/Sidekicks (this fucking lineup!)

    wanna see The 1975 too, gotta figure that out
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  17. nfdv2 Mar 10, 2016
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    young jesus and some other local bands at this house show on saturday maybe
    sidekicks/pinegrove / all dogs soon (both on the same night, but at different venues lol)
    frankie cosmos/eskimeaux in like a month
    maybe i'll go to that say anything tour for teen suicide lol
    off with their heads in late may
    the hotelier/told slant/loone (x3) with modern baseball/joyce manor playing on one of those nights
    modest mouse/brand new
  18. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    It's been a while since I've been to a show. When did life get so lame? Might see OWEL at the end of the month and The Rocket Summer a few days later.
  19. troyplaysbass

    reunion tour Supporter

    For the rest of the month:

    Into It. Over It. In-store acoustic performance tomorrow
    Titus Andronics in-store on Monday, probably
    Somos/Petal - 3/18
    Owel - 3/23
    Tides of Man/Icarus the Owel - 3/30
  20. troyplaysbass Mar 10, 2016
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    reunion tour Supporter

    Reckless in Wicker Park

    Edit: Assumed you meant the IIOI one. The Titus one is at Record Breakers.
  21. Meerkat

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    I'm seeing St. Lucia tomorrow with @irthesteve. So pumped to dance.
  22. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

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  23. Meerkat

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    I'm also checking out AURORA's album and holy fuck it's good. @irthesteve you should check this out
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  24. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    oooh yeah? Genre? RIYL? Lead single?
  25. Meerkat

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