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Muse Wanna Levitate on Stage With Magnets

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Muse talked with Music Week about how they wanna use magnets on stage during their next tour so they can levitate:

    Asked what his biggest challenge is, he said: “It is ridiculous, but trying to dream up something more adventurous is always our challenge, where does the next bolt of lightning come where you capture the essence of it and trying to put it into a record or a tour, it’s definitely my permanent challenge.

    “We want to do a stage made of magnets so the band can levitate on other magnets. It’s those questions that keep me awake every night of my life. If there are any magnet technicians out there, please come and see me because that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”


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  2. Behind the Barricade

    Insane Clown Posse is immediately confused.
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  3. thenewmatthewperry

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  4. thenewmatthewperry

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  5. JRGComedy

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  6. Behind the Barricade

    Haha I'm glad the first 2 posts on a Muse thread is about ICP.
  7. carlosonthedrums

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    Maybe a little too ambitious, but Muse has some of the best live production I will probably ever see in my life. The level of creativity behind the 2nd Law Tour as well as the Drones Tour was unreal.
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  8. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    This is so Spinal Tap
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  9. amorningofsleep

    No-rope barbed wire Jones

    I saw these guys 10 years ago and thought their show was fucking phenomenal. Good to know they never want to stop.
  10. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

  11. theredline

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    Everybody beat me to the ICP jokes...totally my first thought...

    And these guys kill...I remember being blown away by their guitars with synth/effects triggers build it and I spent months trying to build the same thing. Failed.
  12. transrebel59


    If there's a band that can get this done, it would be Muse. I saw them perform on three fucking towers that lowered into the ground.
  13. TrailerParkJesus


    Holy shit .... Yes!!! They never cease to amaze live, and I'm glad to hear they are trying to push further and further, even though every time I think they can't possibly top whatever they currently do live.
  14. elemenohpe

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    Wouldn't this mean they'd have to play to backing tracks? I mean, all those magnets (which would have to be pretty strong) would mess with their guitar/bass strings and pickups... right?

    I remember some thing that was on MTV with Limp Bizkit. Wes Borland wanted to wear a suit that was completely covered in lights or something (I don't remember specifically what was on the outfit) but every time he'd put his guitar on it would cause crazy feedback.
  15. Imgur Image
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  16. TrailerParkJesus


    Exactly what came to my mind immediately!
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  17. carlosonthedrums

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    Oh wow, I remember that haha. It was some behind-the-scenes special on their tour for Chocolate Starfish, I think. I also remember there was some problem with the cage they put up separating the band from the audience. God, they were stupid sometimes.