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MTV to Bring Back “Unplugged”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 23, 2016.

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    Steven Zeitchik, writing for the LA Times:

    “Unplugged,” which could be on the air in coming months, will stoke the interest of those who came of age with artists such as Nirvana, Eric Clapton and Arrested Development breaking down their music to its acoustic basics, often with some added atmosphere.

    “It won’t be carpets and candles,” Erik Flannigan, executive vice president of music and multiplatform strategy, said of the new show. “And it won’t be rock legends playing their catalog. “What we want to do,” he said, “is take the attributes that made ‘Unplugged’ such a success for so many years and reimagine them for 2016.”

  2. fran.182

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    That sounds promising.

    I would love The National to be on it...
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  3. sean_rugy

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    I hope this goes well.
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  4. Louie

    Takes a Bit More

    This would be awesome. Some great acts have been on unplugged.
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  5. Jusscali

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    I would rather it just be the same it was lol thanks for tempering my expectations with that
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  6. JRGComedy

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    Holy shit I called it
  7. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Dashboard unplugged volume II ! ! ! !
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  8. Peachfuzz

    I'll be with you the whole way.

    I love the idea. I hope we will get some bands from "our scene" on it!
    Even a new Yellowcard acoustic album could be great.
  9. Ben Lee

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    I think they're missing the point.
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  10. Former Planets


    I can't wait for Selena Gomez unplugged!
  11. smowashere

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    It's funny that The National was one of the first artists that came to my mind as well.

    Other wants: The 1975, CHVRCHES, TWY, ADTR
  12. Raku


    You know, I always wanted to see blink-182 play this event.

    Shame we'll never get to see a Tom, Mark, and Travis show at 'MTV Unplugged' =/
  13. Slightly different Unplugged is better than no Unplugged. Ready to give this a shot.
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  14. dvdjmskng

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    MTV have had a busy few days. First they bring back Cribs...then they bring back Unplugged. I'm assuming they're going to bring back Carson Daly tomorrow?

    Unplugged is great news. I still listen to the Nirvana, Clapton + Dashboard albums pretty often.
  15. TedSchmosby


  16. hongfong00

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    I liked the candles and rugs...and what's wrong with having rock legends play their catalog?
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  17. fame

    i thought this was chorus.FM?? Prestigious

    people itt really don't know what mtv's target demographic is in 2016?..
  18. Zip It Chris

    Be kind; everyone is on their own journey.

    Bieber unplugged...go!
  19. nl5011

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    Alice in chains had a great unplugged album.
  20. dangerstepp


    “It won’t be carpets and candles...and it won’t be rock legends playing their catalog. What we want to take the attributes that made ‘Unplugged’ such a success for so many years and reimagine them for 2016.”

    I legitimately lol'd.

    Too bad he didn't add: "We don't plan on using acoustic guitars or rocking chairs either"

    I don't even know what this will be.

  21. JulieLynn

    Surely Someone's Gonna Save Me Now Prestigious

    I would be so down for some The Weekend Unplugged. That would be sick.