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Morrissey’s Arizona Show Cut Short

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Morrissey’s show in Arizona was cut short after the singer lost his voice mid-set:

    Sumberg said a Morrissey band member told the audience from the stage that the singer could not finish the show. Morrissey’s spokesman Gustavo Manzur posted on Facebook that the singer’s voice was “reduced to a whisper.”

    “My heart is broken but if this is the worst, thank the Lord. We’ll take care of him,” Manzur wrote. “He tried … he would have NEVER come out if didn’t think he could have. He tried. His voice is gone. But he’s not. Just a bit of rest for his voice. Please understand. He is human.”

  2. efp722


    Not a fan of his but, I swear, everything I see or hear of him is something like this. Something always comes up and either cuts the show/tour short. Oh well; I hope he gets better.
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    Perfect opportunity to switch to a Metro Station cover set.
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