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More Details Regarding Off With Their Heads Tour Cancelation

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Melody Bot

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    This article has been imported from for discussion. All of the forum rules still apply. has reported more information on the Off With Their Heads tour cancelation:

    As you are aware, the band recently and abruptly canceled a month-long tour in the middle of the trek, after arriving in Vancouver. Shortly thereafter, the band alluded to an accident involving the tour van. Details are still developing in this story. However, a 24 year old woman named Desiree was hit by the Off With their Heads tour van while a member of the band, or an associate of the band, was driving last Saturday night. Reportedly, the woman was dragged several blocks and suffered extensive injury. According to statements released by the woman’s friend Amber Jackman, Desiree was taken to Vancouver General Hospital and is facing life-threatening injuries. She will undergo multiple critical surgeries regarding injury to his face, leg, and other areas. Several surgeries have already been performed. After the accident, a member or associate of the band was taken into custody, and then later released. According to the police, alcohol is suspected as a factor in the accident.

  2. Former Planets

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    That's a big ball of no bueno right there. Hope she survives.
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  3. riotspray

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    holy shit. this is nuts. hope she gets well soon and if foul play was involved, that's handled appropriately as well
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  4. Spenny


    Holy shit, I'm from Vancouver and saw a few friends post about a GoFundMe page for this girl, but didn't know this band and their van was responsible. Horrible, hopefully she survives and can move on from this.
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  5. MrCon

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    There's a further report which is saying that they have video footage of the woman stepping between the van and the trailer while it was stopped at a crossing or lights or something. Driver didn't know she was there and set off again. Pretty unpleasant stuff for all involved. :(