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Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost (May 13, 2016) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Aaron Mook, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Very, very excited for this one. Love the singles.
  2. Brenden

    Trusted Prestigious

    I honestly not sure how I feel about them yet. I've loved everything up to this point and hope the follow in the same vein as the Perfect Cast EP. That was amazing.
  3. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

    Modern Baseball has consistently put out fantastic music and I can't imagine this will be any different
  4. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    i shockingly like the first song released off this (out of the two, in album order form, can't remember the name). doesn't sound anything like their music before which is a positive
  5. I'm definitely interested in this based on the singles and the interviews they've given about the album.
  6. Brenden

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  8. Brenden

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    I meant the interviews, sorry.
  9. The Spin piece from last year and the NPR article with the premieres.
  10. Strikegently Apr 1, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 1, 2016)

    close cover, strike gently

    In case you didn't notice, Run for Cover sent out emails today with download links for the two singles.

    Holy Ghost is definitely one of my most anticipated albums for 2016.
  11. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    You mean RFC right?
  12. Strikegently

    close cover, strike gently

    Yes. I've got stacks of emails from RFC and Tiny Engines from my preorders of Holy Ghosts and Goodness... I guess I got them mixed up.
  13. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

    May is gonna be an incredible month for music
  14. TheBaroness

    a burst and I'm awake now Supporter

    Really looking forward to this - I came to appreciate their previous two albums over time and this sounds as if it's going to be a big step up.
  15. VanMastaIteHab

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    Cautiously excited for this but not so sure about it.
  16. Brenden

    Trusted Prestigious

    New documentary.
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  17. Tom Lee


    Stoked about this new album. Also, I didn't know about Brendan's struggles within the band; it especially hit home having been through a similar situation last year. Glad he's on the mend and on the up.
  18. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

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  19. Jeff

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    That doc is awesome.

    Idk remember if the song at the end was a single or not, or if there even have been singles released, but it sounds amazing.
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  20. StormAndTheSun

    insects come to life Supporter

    Doc is pretty great. I like all the new clips.

    I wasn't too keen on either of the new songs when I first heard them but Everyday clicked with me today. Great song.
  21. Fuck. This destroyed me.

    AOTY contender
  22. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

    Based on whats been announced I'd say this or Weezer, but its only April
  23. Horrorca


    this seems like the album that will make this band click with me... just couldn't get into their previous shit...
  24. Jim

    Trusted Supporter

    This is going to rule
  25. I need this album right now, the way most people on this site need Hotelier (which I'm also looking forward to)