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  1. I truly don’t think there is lol. Tony has a shot and that’s about it.

    A prime GSP would’ve been awesome.
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  2. Mrk_Brdshw

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    I know Conor is always in the title picture, but I am not at all interested in an automatic rematch with Khabib at the moment. He hasn't won a fight in 3 years, didn't defend his title, got mauled by Khabib the first go around, AND he's been in a lot of shit outside the cage fairly regularly. Make him win at least one fight that's not for a title before he waltzes back in and jumps the line.

    I wouldn't doubt if they gave the Cowboy/Gaethje winner the next shot and set up the loser with Poirier. Meanwhile you can do Conor vs. Max for next.
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    I like Tony's chances, like a lot.
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  4. I want Conor v Nate the most because those fights were too good. I will never say no to that fight.
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  5. currytheword


    Barboza is trying to get his decision loss overturned.

  6. Have a close buddy that works with Wells Fargo Center in Philly and he told me that a full blown PPV is in the works for 2020
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  8. I could def see Jones/Jan and Usman/???? on the same card. Probably even a third title fight.

    Wouldn’t be shocked if they put Khabib/Tony on a different card
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    Mmmm so....

    Wonderboy vs Luque is set for MSG in December, and Blachowicz vs Jacare is also confirmed for November.

    So who the fuck could Jones possibly be fighting this year when every top contending LHW has a match set?

    I think it’s more likely than ever he could be facing Stipe.
  10. Boooooo

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    Yeah, he’s either gonna surprise everyone and fight Stipe (Stipe may not even be interested), or it’ll be next year.
  12. post was deleted apparently but someone on sherdog said they had “knowledge” that Diaz/Masvidal is going to be announced as a title fight for the inaugural 165lb belt in the next few weeks.

    I don’t buy it. But I also don’t believe they’re going to make some fake WWE style belt either and Dana insists on that happening so lmao
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  13. Whenever they finally do the 165 class Nate should 100% be in the title fight
  14. Steve_JustAGuy


    I never even considered it for the 165 belt, but that would be #SuperNecessary

    I fully expect Dana to create a gawdy WWE belt for it though.

  15. Am I reading too much into this if I think this could be a hint at a Max fight?
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  16. SpyKi

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    I'd be down to see those two fight.
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    The thing about Conor is that he's good at posting shit and not good at actually agreeing to fights :humpf:
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  18. I wonder if Conor would go back down to 145 for a title shot or if it’d be at 155.
  19. SpyKi

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    I've been curious about that too, idk if he can still make 145.
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  20. Even though he’s a dildo most of the time, I do worry about Conor getting back down to 145. His weighin pics at 145 always terrified me
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  22. That’s a dumb response from Askren. No way you can argue Conor didn’t earn his money.
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    WTF. Why is this happening. Michael Chandler do you want 2 fite me?

  25. llllllllllllllll


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