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    We thought the same.

    I’m screaming.
  2. llllllllllllllll


    people that lose the fight are just always quick to take them off haha
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  3. Dana probably begging Jones to move up to fight Stipe at MSG
  4. Mrk_Brdshw

    Dusted Groove

    Not to toot my own horn but I’ve called all that shit. I called DC winning the first fight and Stipe winning this one by sheer determination in a RAZOR CLOSE fight. And also calling Diaz having too much volume and too high of pace for Pettis.

    But you know what my only takeaway from this event is? All these guys are fucking amazing.
  5. Andrade vs Zhang is going to be so fucking fun!
  6. Man if this is the last time I ever watch DC im gonna miss him. Ultimately, especially after it being so hard to root for Jonny Jones, I think DC is my favorite fighter of all time. The best part about it is I absolutely HATED him come Jones/DC 1 but through all the shit he had to deal with I got to see his true character and enjoy nobody else commentating more than him. Just something about his character that really makes me get behind him more than anyone else i've ever watched.

    I do hope this is it though, he lost but went out with total dignity and a hell of a performance at 40 years old. A Jones fight will not go well for him, I don't want his career to end with another KO from Jones.
  7. Went 6-0 on my parlay tonight! Stipe is the man
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    Yeah after that, all due respect to DC, don’t take a Jones fight.
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  9. Rogan sitting there making it a point that DC should absolutely not fight Francis hahaha

    Francis/Stipe 2 is the fight to make. Francis has spent so little time in the octagon over his last three wins that it's hard to say if he has improved enough to beat Stipe.
  10. I think Stipe would rock Ngannou again but yeah it's the fight to make.

    Incredible Stipe came back after getting fucking demolished that first round.
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    I wonder if DC will take Francis though. Technically it would make sense, and i think he probably thinks it’s an easier fight.
  12. Give me Stipe v Jones please
  13. I think DC announces his retirement in the next few days just so the heavyweight division can get sorted out without him having to be considered. He usually makes the class act choice.

    Who knows though I'm always fuckin wrong.
  14. Mrk_Brdshw

    Dusted Groove

    I would hate to see him have to struggle through a weight cut, but let’s be real, can DC beat anyone in the UFC? Absolutely he can. He can beat Stipe or Jones on the right night. Stipe just made a perfect adjustment in this fight. That’s what happens when two guys are at the absolute peak. I’m not going to pretend like DC struggled in there tonight. Stipe just found a way to win because he’s a stud.
  15. That’s the best thing about heavyweight, literally anything can happen.

    Jones could move up and just get starched.

    There’s nothing better in combat sports than watching elite level heavyweights fighting.
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  16. Besides watching Khabib absolutely dominate Conor, yeah there's nothing better
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  17. Colby vs Nate would be wild just because of the buildup
  18. Few notes from what I heard Dana say during the post fight interview

    - Trilogy between DC/Stipe is possible if DC doesn’t retire

    - Nate/Jorge sounds fun and they’ll do it if they both want it

    - MSG has a main event and it’ll be announced in the next few weeks

    - Dana said Nate moves the needle now and agreed with a reporter who asked if he’s in that Ronda/Conor level of star
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    I woke up still hyped up. What a card. Possibly contender for card of the year?
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  21. currytheword Aug 18, 2019
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    Also, my favorites in regards to Romero vs Costa (which, if you go on and look at the fight stats, Romero outlanded Costa, each had 1 knockdown, and Romero had a takedown. UD win for Costa really doesn't make sense.)

    Jon Bones Jones on Twitter

    Aljamain Sterling on Twitter

    Chris Weidman on Twitter

    Edit: I'm watching the post-fight interview right now, and Costa said Izzy and Robert are "scared" of him. He knows he can beat Izzy, and thinks he's already shown he'll beat Whittaker since he thinks Romero beat him in their fight, and just won over Romero. OK guy. I say Whittaker's cardio would be a serious problem for him.
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    Last night's card had the highest gate in California history for an MMA card. I don't know who to credit most for it though, DC/Stipe or Diaz haha.
  23. I'd deff have to rewatch the Romero fight to make any call, I said it last night but really the thing that still has me in awe is how much damage Stipe took and withstood. He was getting banged the fuck up and didn't back down.
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    Makes me think back to earlier in the week when we discussed Stipe's weak chin >-p
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  25. It looks like the smartest route to take is dont fight for over a year
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