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  1. I Am Mick

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    The only difference is fast and furious aren’t literally called superhero movies. They are no more ridiculous or formulaic than any MCU movie.

    I gotta go to bed but I will happily defend this position any day.

    (Preferably in a different thread because I don’t want to pull focus from how awesome Fallout is)
  2. imthesheriff

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    Yeah the fast and furious movies are fucking great in the most ridiculous way.
  3. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I get that way with musicals, sure people don't spontaneously burst into choreographed musical numbers but people also don't develop superpowers after being exposed to radiation
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    Fuck MoviePass; this is so good that I’m willing to pay full price to see it again.
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    Hey that’s not fair

    Some of them can hack
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  6. Dog with a Blog Aug 3, 2018
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    Dog with a Blog

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    Ok, I’m gonna watch F8 tonight lol

    Edit: maybe not. looks like it's only available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes and not for rent. Damn.
  7. Greg

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    I think it was when Dom drove the car off the edge and it was super messed up and he got out at the end as if he had just parked it normally. There is just no tension in those movies. It was just so stupid.
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  8. Greg

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    This is the dumbest hill to die on.
  9. Brother Beck

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    I am not the biggest fan of the Fast & Furious movies, but the ones I've seen parts of have been pretty damn enjoyable in a ridiculous way. I've seen more Marvel movies, but even then I'm not a big comic book person and have been enjoying the later ones where more unique directors like Taika Waititi come in much, much more.

    To me this seems like such a silly argument for people to be having. Both movies are pretty clearly filled with superhuman people performing feats that are physically impossible in the real world and would realistically result in great bodily harm or death to an actual human. The fact that the characters in the F&F films aren't specifically referred to as 'super heroes' seems like such a silly detail to focus on or fight over. They do super heroic things.

    It seems to me that people find enjoyment and escape from both series of films. Nobody really watches these films to be reminded that there's a pretty good chance some of us will die in car accidents on our commute to work or that bad things will happen to us sometimes and there won't be someone swooping in wearing a silly costume to stop it.

    I guess I don't really see the point of the argument in the first place except just to have one.
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  10. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Both franchises are shit.
  11. Vase Full Of Rocks


    There's a difference between the first three F&F movies, which were not overly ridiculous movies, and the later movies. They were not filled with unbelievable, superhuman feats and that was the foundation of the film franchise. A lot of arguments like this don't need to be had, that doesn't mean it's not interesting to think about and see other people's views on it.
  12. Greg

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    The Fast characters are not super humans though.
  13. Mrplum5089


    Good movie
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  14. Vase Full Of Rocks


    What are they going to do in the next movie? Fucking go to space?
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  15. Serh

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    I said this already! Like a year and a half ago
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  16. I Am Mick

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    They asked Cruise if M:I would go to space and he said they’ve talked about, just need to figure out how to shoot it and if it would make sense to the story.

    The new space race is 100% M:I vs Fast and Furious and the real winner is the movie going public.
  17. DeathOrGlory

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    My review of Mission Impossible - Fallout:

    I spent the entire drive home from the theatre exclaiming variations of "Holy shit, Tom Cruise!" to an otherwise empty vehicle.
  18. Serh

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  19. I Am Mick

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    Why would you put Sloane in charge she fucked up by not trusting Ethan/IMF EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. By now, anybody who thinks they're big and fucks with Ethan's plans should be removed from their job. Dude has free reign. He'll go to space and doesn't need approval
  20. jkauf

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  21. Serh

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    Did round 3 on this yesterday, only this time it was in an IMAX theater. Nothing else to add here, this was still fantastic. And damn, that halo jump is even more awesome on a bigger screen

    Also I came across this, and it made me that much happier that McQuarrie was ever involved with M:I whatsoever

  22. BackyardHero11


    this is amazing. I wasn't sure how I felt when he was returning since it broke tradition, but I agree with the story going around that his editor keeps telling him he may not have realized it, but he developed a trilogy, and he needs to come back and finish it. i'm sure another director can come in and do something awesome, and i'm def for that, but this time, if Mcquarrie comes back, there will be no hesitation in my excitement this time around.
  23. abw123


    I'm a huge fan of this series and this new one is arguably the best. I liked the bathroom and halo scenes you all are mentioning just fine, they were excellent, but to me, the last 30 minutes of this thing were the best part of this series, EVER. Just an insane sequence. Only thing close would be the Dubai/building scene in 4 and the underwater part of 5.

    If I'm going to nitpick:
    1) I wish they didn't go to the "Ethan is at odds with the CIA / disavowed / under suspicion" plotlines so much in this series. Isn't this the 4th time they've done that in 6 movies? Just give me the man on a mission. I don't need that BS every time out, it makes me roll my eyes.....

    2) Need to see it again but though the plot was a little kludgy in terms of explaining Lark/the Apostles relationship and everyone's shifting goals / where the nukes were, who had them, who wanted them.

    3) Wish the villain had been a little less predictable, also thought the intro scene with the guy in the hospital bed was super predictable, but I guess some of that is to be expected 6 movies in.

    Small nitpicks aside this thing was a total goddamn thrill ride. I loved it.

    If I have to rank them, I guess I would go:

    6 > 3 > 1 > 5 > 4 > 2........but really the top 5 are all close.

    2 has aged the worst but is still tons of fun. CHIMERA
  24. BackyardHero11


    haha I definitely feel you on that, I feel that way with the Bond movies too, but I thought they handled it almost tongue and cheek super well with one of Henry's lines that's in the trailer - "How many times has Hunt's government betrayed him, disavowed him, cast him aside? How long before a man like that has had enough?"
  25. stayillogical Aug 10, 2018
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    I went for round two today and I think I can firmly say now it's the best one. Something no one else has talked about is the scene where Ethan imagines the plan to kill the entire motorcade in Paris. The way it's shot and the score at that moment is so damn beautiful. Oddly, my favorite scene in the movie. I love it. I think thematically this movie nailed it which is why it's the best. How Ethan values human life, and how responsible he feels. I love that moment too with the female cop who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.